Friday, November 18, 2011

Fabergé Friday

The next of the fifty-two Imperial Fabergé eggs - the egg of 1888 - is, yet again, a missing one. It's name is the "Cherub with Chariot Egg" or "Angel with Egg in Chariot". It's described to be made up of an angel pulling a chariot with an egg on it. The surprise inside would have been a clock. No clear picture of this egg exists...

The fifth egg - from 1889 - is also missing. It's called the "Nécessaire Egg", was designed as an etui, and probably contained the surprise of a set of thirteen diamond-encrusted woman's manicure set. this is not certain though, since no pictures of the egg or it's contents exist...

Then, finally, I can show you a picture of an egg that hasn't been lost: The "Danish Palaces Egg" from 1890!

The outside of the egg is divided into twelve sections of enameled gold, divided by lines of rose-cut diamonds. Wherever the lines meet there's an emerald, and the whole thing is crowned by a medallion of radiating leaves and a cabochon star sapphire! When the egg is opened the surprise unfolds as a row of little watercolor pictures - signed by Konstantin Krijitski - painted on tiny panels made of mother of pearl. 

The Tsar's wife - Maria Feodorovna - was born in Denmark, so all the little paintings depict yachts and mansions owned by her family in her land of birth:

The Imperial yacht "Polar Star"

Bernstorff Palace

The emperor's villa in Fredensborg park

Fredensborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace

Kronborg Castle

The Cottage Palace

The Cottage Palace from another view

Gatchina Palace

The imperial yacht "Tsarevna"


  1. These are all so beautiful. You have some exquisite taste, excellent post as always!


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