Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rouen part 1

So. Here comes the truth about this secret vintage mission to Rouen: Fanny owns the vintage shop "Kellerman Vintage", and had been contacted by a vintage retailer in this little French town. They sell clothes by the kilo, and you have to by at least 25 kilos to be able to shop there. With this in mind Fanny needed someone to go with her to help her carry everything back. She doesn't have a drivers license either, and needed someone who could drive from the airport to Rouen - around 150 kilometers - to the retailer, and just generally. Here is where I come into the picture. The only problem was this:

AAAAAAAAH!!!!! I haven't used one of these manual thingies since the day I took my drivers license - over nine years ago...An automatic car cost three times as much as a manual to rent though, so a manual it became! I got to practice in my ant's car for about 20 minutes before the trip. But that was it! It went better than I thought though! And after all the things that happened to us during the trip, I now feel like a very secure race car driver! But more about that later...

The day after we arrived we went to the retailer to buy a lot of vintage dresses! 

When we arrived, we were shown into a huge warehouse, where clothes were collected in piles or in big plastic bags. In this picture you can see vintage fur garments. This is where I found the lovely, short fur cape I wore in yesterday's "Monday's school outfit" post. That one I bought for myself - which I was really glad of later, since the weather in Rouen was a bit colder than the forecast said it would be!

Here is Fanny dealing with the retailer. We were both glad we new how to speak french - more or less (Fanny a lot better than me) - because this guy didn't speak a word of english - like most other people in that town...

Another picture of the place. After some time there we went away with around 150 vintage dresses that will be sold at Kellerman Vintage in Stockholm!

Here you can see Fanny at our hotel, with the clothing bags she bought - happy as a child at Christmas! And for all you non-Swedes - the shop Kellerman Vintage will soon turn into a web shop, so people from all around the world can have the pleasure of shopping there! When we went through all the dresses, and repacked them in our luggage, I made a little pile of dresses I wanted to try on myself. The only one of my favorites that fit my skinny body was a lovely, dark blue dress from the 40s. I bought it from Fanny right there and then!

One day when we were wandering around in Rouen, a French boy stopped us and started talking to us because he liked our style - we were probably the only two vintage dressed people in that whole town! He showed us to the only good vintage shop in Rouen!

They had some really good stuff in that shop! I ended up buying a 50s skirt there, which I'll show you later...

Of course we didn't just by vintage clothes in Rouen - we did some touristing too! But that we will talk about tomorrow!

Here comes a little bonus pic though. This is Fanny and her senile chiwawa Ricco. He is seriously the sweetest dog I have ever met!


  1. How fun! I would KILL to rummage thru a Vintage clothing warehouse! How much did they charge per kilo?

  2. Wow, these are all awesome photos Miss Meadows... It looks like this was all a lot of fun. I can empathise with you feeling bad over getting a manual car, I've been driving one for a year and a half an hate it still!

  3. The cost varied a little between 25 euros - 28 euros per kilo - I think...Fanny was the one doing the bargaining - since it was for her shop - while I ran around looking at everything else... :)

  4. Yeamie: Ha, ha! I got into it pretty quickly tho. The last day I was so comfortable with that stick, I was able to drive at 120km/h (74miles/h) on a country road! But more about that in tomorrows post... :)

  5. Tack för kommentaren, skorna är väldigt fina och sköna trots att de är köpta på Cellbes och inte den bästa kvaliten hihi :) Fin blogg!!

    Kram MissJitterbop

  6. What is the name and address of this 25 kilo vintage place? And the name of the vintage shop?

    1. Hello! The name of the 25-kilo place is Eureka Fripes. The other vintage shop I can't remember the name of... The thing with the 25-kilo place though, is that the bags are already pre-packed, with both some good dresses from the 40s-60s, and some really horrible stuff from the 70s and 80s. So you just choose the bags and pay for them without knowing exactly what you get... The dealer only speaks French too, so if you don't know the language yourself, it might be wise to bring a French-speaker :)


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