Monday, November 07, 2011

Monday's school outfit

Monday again! Will give an account for a group project in class later today. We've been doing PR-pitches. Once I misheard when someone said "PR-pitch" though, and thought she said "PR-bitch". So now I know what I'm gonna write on my future business cards - "Miss Meadows - PR-bitch"! I'm sure everyone will hire me after that!

Decided to wear a skirt you've already seen - the red one I made after a pattern from the 50s. The blouse is new though! Or, actually I got it for Christmas last year, but I haven't used it yet. It's from "Dracula Clothing". If you're a teen goth, this is probably clothing heaven, but they actually make some nice victorian inspired clothes for people who are just normal goths. You all know you have one of those dark figures living in you. Don't be afraid to let them out sometimes! If the set sizes they have doesn't fit your body, you can give them your own measurements and get whatever you decide to order made especially for you - with no extra cost!

I like the Victorian collar on this blouse. But wearing it folded down fits my vintage look better, so that's how I'm gonna wear it! At least for today...

If you have it folded up, there's also a lacy bow that can be fastened like a brooch at the neckline.

Tomorrow will be spent running around visiting four different PR-agencies, to see how they work. Then, on Wednesday, I will head to Rouen with Fanny on a secret mission. I've programmed a few blog posts though. Don't think I'm going to leave you all alone just because I go to France for a few days!


  1. Absolutely lovely outfit, I love the skirt. Good luck in your week and in your time in France! Looking forward to your updates about that!

  2. What a wonderful outfit. The blouse is amazing and my inner metalchick wants it right now, worn with heavy boots, black skirt and a huge cameo :).

  3. Your blouse is lovely! I'm checking out that webshop, they have some nice and wearable stuff indeed! Particularly those coats...

  4. Love the outfit, so pretty! Have a wonderful time in France x


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