Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rouen part 2

Yesterday I wrote about mine and Fanny's vintage mission in Rouen. Today will be about what else we did in this little French town.

Rouen actually looks more Bavarian than French, with many old, crooked buildings, and streets laid with square stones. I really liked it!

Here is Fanny on "Rue d'horloge" (The Clock Street), named after the big clock in the photo. 

The thing Rouen probably is most known for, is it's huge cathedral - a very impressive building in the gothic style!

Fanny confessing her sins. I didn't though...

We found many cool little shops, selling all kinds of things! In one of them I found the old eye test board in the picture above. Didn't buy it though.

I did buy the brown little tilt hat I'm wearing in this photo though! It has feathers on top, and a bow in the back.

Chocolat shoes! In the background you can see chocolate iPhones...

The food was great! Except for what Fanny ordered on our first night there:

We both knew it had something to do with veal, but after texting Fanny's French-speaking dad, asking what the dish's whole name meant, we found out it was calf kidneys...Before knowing that she had fed me a piece of it, just to see if I recognized the taste...

The "moules marinières" (marinated mussels) we had for lunch another day were so much better! When the waitress came in with the first one of those casseroles, I thought me and Fanny were going to share it. But we got one each! I managed to eat maybe half of it...

All the different wines - and Champagne - we drank, was excellent though!

One day we took a walk in the Jardin des Plantes. There we found this old greenhouse. Fanny went very well with the surroundings. Can you find her in the picture?...

After that we went to La Musée des Beaux Arts. We were surprised at how close you could get to all the art. There were no lines to stand behind anywhere! Here's a few things we feasted our eyes upon there:

The last painting is depicting Moses receiving the holy commandments. My only question is: "Why does he have horns?". It could be part of the divine light over him, touching his head. But it looks a lot look horns to me...   

The last day we went up at 5 am to make sure we had enough time to go to the airport. It should have taken about one and a half hours to get there. Because we got lost it took three hours! And then I ended up driving as fast as 120km/h (74 miles/h) on a country road...When we had returned the car I noticed my purse was missing. After going back to search the car, I then found it in the trashcan in which I had thrown our breakfast bag earlier...What can I say about that? - We were extremely stressed out after our three hours long getting lost and racing through France experience. When we checked our luggage in, we had fifteen minutes until we had to board the plane...

Many things - except from the story above - went wrong during this trip. But I'm glad we manage to sort everything out, and get back to Sweden with the right plane - bringing about 150 vintage dresses for Fanny's shop Kellerman Vintage with us! Mission completed! And for all you people who can't visit her shop in Stockholm - I have some good news for you: Kellerman Vintage will turn into a web shop some time after Christmas, so you can shop there instead!

Fancy Fanny!

You can read more about this trip on Fanny's blog. With more pictures, and the story from her point of view - the passenger seat in the car...

So. What did I learn from this trip?:

  • Always drive as fast as you can! You never know when you might get lost, and need a few extra hours to get to the airport.
  • Never order "rognons de veau", unless you want to get a plate of meatball sized kidneys for dinner.
  • If you find an empty safety island it's completely ok to park there...It's actually completely ok to park anywhere where someone hasn't already parked.
  • I understand French quite well when I read it. But to understand this language when someone speaks it is more difficult - because the French speak as fast as they drive. After four days in Rouen I still can't speak like the French, but I sure can drive like them!
  • Don't throw your purse in a trashcan. Especially if that purse contains your passport, plane ticket, and iPhone. This just causes a bit too much extra stress...


  1. Rouen is so beautiful, like actually intensely beautiful. I want to go and visit it so much. Awesome photos, nice hat as well, it's good to know you ended up buying it!

  2. When I was a child, I lived in Rouen !!!

  3. Really?! It must have been great growing up there! Such a beautiful town! Loved it! :)

  4. Wonderful..must see this place one both looked wonderful! x

  5. Sounds fairly eventful! All for a good cause though, vintage dress buying! I visited your friend's lovely blog, those dresses were worth it : )


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