Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Boudoir Photos

If you've ever wanted to have boudoir photos taken of yourself, or someone else - as a gift to someone you love, or for yourself, or maybe as a fun thing to do on a bachelorette party, for example - I have some news for you! At least if you live in Sweden... Photographer Alicia Swedenborg and hair stylist and florist Madelin Downey have teemed up together to offer this experience to anyone who wants it!

While you sip on some bubbly, you'll get the whole treatment; professional makeup and a classic hair style, help to chose an outfit and accessories that make you feel beautiful. In a wonderful daylight studio Alicia will then photograph you from your most flattering angles. The thirty best images will then be delivered to you in a lovely box!

The whole thing normally costs 5,500 SEK, but right now there's a special, limited winter offer that gives you the whole package for 4,500 SEK!

All photos are taken by Alicia Swedenborg, and are examples of what the result of one of these boudoir shoots may look.


  1. I love these photos. Boudoir shoots definitely seem like a good thing to me Miss Meadows, I love the class these exonerate.

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I lived in Sweeden...

  3. Marvelous the angles and poses!! Can't decide which I enjoy most!! xx


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