Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Few Tips From Dita von Teese

Even though I sometimes give you tips on things like beauty and cooking, there are other people out there who has equally good opinions about stuff that I do! One of them is Dita von Teese, so today she will be the one giving you a few good tips, while Miss Meadows takes a break - and goes to work instead...


  1. Was just watching these yesterday, haha!! Actually, I was more like drooling over the dress she is wearing and I do love brooches!! But, they are good videos, she gives some great advice for others. Happy weekend doll!! xx

  2. I love this woman so much, it's easily to see why she's a personal idol of yours Miss Meadows! Awesome tips from quite the glamorous legend.

  3. Sweet! I love Dita! :) And it looks like I'm your new follower Miss Meadows ;) x


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