Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Shoes

Guess what! I just bought a new pair of shoes. Surprise!!!...Well, I did have a good excuse to get these. Not that a girl ever needs an excuse to buy new shoes, but anyways...

They come from "Miss L Fire", and are called "Tartaruga". The reason I simply had to buy these shoes right now, is because "Miss L Fire" is having a total sell out on their site, to prepare for the upcomming spring/summer collection. They won't restock the ones they sell out (at very good prices I might add), and I've had my eye on the "Tartarugas" for some time now. So you see, there was simply no way I could not buy them!

At got them in black, with the heels wrapped in leopard print vinyl/plastic, and bows in the same material on the vamps.

They have that perfect vintage shape with both rounded heal and toe!

Just like the other two pairs of "Miss L Fire" shoes I have, these are really comfortable. The white things at the inside of the heels are just heel grippers I put in myself. I got the same size I usually order from them, but I needed to fill out these pairs a little bit to make them fit perfectly!

Here is a picture of the lovely Bernie Dexter wearing the shoes. The sale has been going on for quite some time now, so if you want to pay half of what you usually do for "Miss L Fire" shoes, I suggest you hurry up!


  1. Hehe I've just bought some Miss L fire shoes too, Edith in wine.

  2. I love the shoes, that kind of blueish look to them is just awesome. Glad to hear you got them and you're happy with them Miss Meadows!

  3. very cute shoes!!!

  4. Jag älskar skorna! Och tack för din kommentar på min blogg. Ja min kille är en keeper :)

  5. Stunning shoes...I do love the bows on the top!! And Miss Bernie Dexter has been a favourite of mine for a very long time!! Am glad you got them and I know for sure they look marvelous on you!! :) xo

  6. I had these in and out of my shopping cart so many times before taking them out once and for all. I have trouble keeping non strapped shoes on my matter how gorgeou they are. I got the Burlesque in blue and the Tigerlily in black instead!

  7. *clutches heart* I wanted them by my size sold out. :(

  8. Oh, how gorgeous! And, as I almost always wear heels, I really appreciate it when they are comfortable!

    I really, really don't need new shoes, but it's no hardship to buy more, somehow. And I have managed to get under 50 pairs, so I could get some new... Can't I? ;)


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