Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wilfredo Rosado

A while ago I found an amazing jewelry designer on Twitter - Wilfredo Rosado!

This man was mentored by Giorgio Armani, and a protégé of Andy Warhol. He has worked with different luxury brands, including Versace, and has now his own jewelry line, of which he says: "Launching fine jewelry had always been a secret ambition of mine. There's something very appealing to me about taking the idea of something precious, like diamonds, and creating something sexy and streetwise and different.". His jewelry is all handcrafted in Paris and Italy. So let's take a look at what this man can do!

The Feather Collection:

"Pink/Black Array" - 18k rhodium yellow gold feather cuff bracelet with 8ct white diamonds.

"Flight Of Fancy" - 18k white gold feather brooch with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and spinels. The brooch can also be worn as a pendant.

"Large Lariat" - 18k white gold feather lariat with single south sea pear, Tahitian pearls, mabe pearls and 1.21ct diamonds. The feather flower is removable and can be worn as a brooch. The pearl pendants can also be worn separately, so can also the white gold chain and the pearl chain. In all these feather pieces the feathers are interchangeable and color can be custom ordered.

The Factory Collection:

"Cog Necklace" - 18k white gold multi-cog necklace with 15.5ct diamonds.

"Cog Ring" - 18k white gold cog ring 2.82ct diamonds.

The Cage Collection:

"Cage Ring" - 18k rose gold and and pavé diamond ring with 6.83ct turmaline.

"Treasure Chest Ring" - 18k white gold pavé and diamond ring with 3.02 floating diamond.

"Large Cage Pendant" - 18k yellow gold pendant with pavé diamonds and a heart shaped charm in ruby pavé on handmade gold chain.

The Fringe Collection:

"Fringe Cuff Bracelet" - 18k yellow gold fringe bracelet. Handmade chains with 16.5 bezel set round diamonds.

"Fringe Necklace" - 18k yellow gold fringe lariat. Handmade chains with 9.92 bezel set round diamonds surrounding a polish rock crystal.

The Branches Collection:

"Branch Pendant" - 18k white gold branch pendant with 9.68ct pear shaped diamonds and pavé diamonds.

The Cameo Collection:

"Sexy Lady Cameo Pendant" - Hand carved shell cameo pendant with 18k hammered yellow gold, diamonds and a pink sapphire.

"Lips Pendant" - Hand carved shell cameo pendant with 18k hammered yellow gold and diamonds.

"Hard Lace Earrings" - Hand carved shell cameo earrings with 18k white gold and diamonds.

The Blackamoor Collection:

"Urban Prince Ring" - Ring with hand carved blackamoor set with 18k yellow gold, diamonds and colored stones.

"Urban Prince Pendant With Mesh Tank" - Hand carved ebony wood blackamoor pendant with 18k white gold, diamonds and colored stones.

"Urban Prince Pendant With Rope Chain" - Hand carved ebony wood blackamoor pendant with 18k yellow gold, diamonds and colored stones.

I have shown you quite a few pieces from these jewelry collections, but if you want to see it all check out Wilfredo Rosado's website!

My favorite collection is the "Cage Collection". I would just love to let the "Treasure Chest Ring" sparkle on my finger on a full moon lit night...


  1. Love the "Hard Lace Earrings", not heard of this guy before, thanks for posting!! X

  2. I will have the cameo pieces and the feather pieces, how stunning!! Marvelous attention to detail and shape!! Love Love!! xx

  3. This is a great collection Miss Meadows, I love this. Flight of Fancy and that pendant are amazingly awesome!

  4. Your welcome doll, knew you'd love them ;-) I need to see a show to or it wouldnt be right!! xx

  5. I like the Sexy lady with a pink sapphire! Really cool! :)

  6. That branches necklace is to die for! Gorgeous creations!


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