Thursday, January 05, 2012

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

This is going to be a post about umbrellas. But not about the random ones you can find anywhere. No, this will be a post about the umbrellas created by Guy de Jean! I first learned about this company on Madeleine Miranda's lovely blog "Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Madeleine Miranda", when she had a competition to win one of these wonders!

In 1920 Guy de Jean's ant Agathe created umbrellas and parasols by hand, using age old techniques, in her Paris boutique. Twenty years later Guy de Jean and his wife Christiane created the label and the style of Guy de Jean. In 1990 Mr Pierra de Jean took over the business and brought it out internationally. What made me like these umbrellas so much was that they all look so elegant - new, but still like they would have come from past eras - sometimes with a hint of burlesque! Here now follows a cavalcade of pictures of Guy de Jean umbrellas and parasols:

Parisiennes Poodles Umbrella

Chantal Thomass Clock Umblella

Chantal Thomass Pinstripe Umbrella

Can Can Pink Parasol

Can Can Pink Full Umbrella

Minet Minette Sun Parasol

Pin Up Umbrella

Marie Antoinette Umbrella

Aurora Borealis Umbrella

Corset Umbrella, for Jean Paul Gaultier

Multi Flowers Umbrella, for Jean Paul Gaultier

Umbrellas created for Chantal Thomass

Courtoisie Umbrella


  1. Some of these are so awesome and glamorous, I wasn't expecting them to be so extravagant and diverse, I love these.

  2. I love umbrellas...vintage ones and what not. These are perfect, elegant pieces to take on a stroll in the springtime. I can't decide which i love more, I would have them all ;) xx

  3. Pretty umbrellas! I love them all!

  4. These are amazing! I have never heard of these, so glad you shared.

  5. lovely umbrellas.
    I love Chantal Thomass

  6. Tres Chic! I love the lady like old world charm frilly and lace parasoles and umbrellas can give to an outfit in photos. These images are very gorgeous, no 1 and 3 are my favourite, very parisian.
    Thank you so much also for stopping by to say hi on my blog, definitely the outfits of the ballet are the most alluring and inspiring part of wanting to become a ballarina, sad that just too many people I know end up getting injured by the very demanding sport :( it's beautiful nonetheless xo

  7. Åh vad många fina paraplyn! Tack för inspirationen!


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