Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Eve - Oh What A Night!

Luckily for me, I had been invited to a fabulous party on New Year's Eve! Dress code, three course dinner, Champagne and fireworks! Glamorous as h**l!

I got prepared for the evening together with Michael and Fanny, since they were going to the same party, and...well...I practically live in their apartment now...Michael looked very handsome, and Fanny was the belle of the ball - in a dress she had made herself!

I wore my "Ghost dress", as I call it. It's from the early 50s, and I bought it from "Wallflower Vintage".

The skirt is very transparent, so it has to be worn with a fitting petticoat.

The earrings I wore are from the 40s, bought at "Antikt, gammalt och nytt". The bracelet is from the early 1900s, from "Medusa Antik".

In my hair I put this brooch. It's newly made and comes from Kappahl's "Vintage Stories".

As you can see both the host, Albin, and the hostess, Elegy Ellem, were possessed by the Devil, but that just made the party more decadent...

Tifa DeLeone had been part of planning and fixing the party too. Here she is with her boyfriend Joakim!

This is what happens when you have a dress coded party! Me, Fanny, Ellem and Tifa.

The punch and snack table looked great...

...and the punch was really good!

Candles in the wind...

Both me and Tifa wore sparkly shoes. As you should for New Year's!

Ellem preparing the main course...

...And this was the result! Nom, nom...

Red, red wiiiiiiine!!!!

Pretty ladies at the dinner table. Notice how well their dresses match each other, and the food! Well done girls!

Party people!

Tifa and Miss Loulou! The latter one had glued together her latex dress herself! As you can see in this picture now the guests had become obsessed too. It was a hell of a party!

At the stroke of midnight we all went out on the balcony.

The fireworks were great! Michael had brought some small rockets we put in an empty Champagne bottle, lit fire on, and then aimed the bottle away from the balcony. 

Holding it while the rocket flew out of it was a very nice feeling. I understand why men go to war. Shooting is fun!

Michael wasn't so sure about the Champagne though. He would rather have had a Whiskey...

When we arrived at the party we were all standing up. Then we sat down at the tables for a few hours. At the end of the evening we were down at floor level, with our pretty dresses spreading out everywhere. 

I had such a good time it's gonna be difficult to beat next New Year's Eve...If I don't end up celebrating with the same people again of course!

PS. All the good pictures in this post I stole from Ellem's Facebook page. But she had stolen them from the the cameras she found in her apartment the day after New Year's Eve, so I figured it was ok...

Oh, yes! There was a parrot too! - Electra!


  1. You look just perfect in your Ghost dress. Luv it!

  2. Wow, this party actually looks so much fun and like such a great way to bring in the new year! Yours and Fanny's dresses are amazing especially considering how Fanny made her own dress, she has some serious talent as a seamstress or a designer although I'm sure you guys are already aware of that! Here's hoping 2011 is a great one for you, your family and friends Miss Meadows!

  3. What a beautiful night, I adore all of your clothes..that dress certainly looked marvelous on you, you shined indeed!! Well done to Fanny for making that dress, makes me want to start doing it myself!! I hope the New Year is a beautiful one for you, it's been a pleasure to ride along with you on all your posts, I'm always ready to enjoy them. I hope you and all your loved ones have a blessed and fabulous 2011!! xx

  4. Thanx people! I wish the best for you too! BUT:

    Yeamie and The Dainty Doll: Just to make sure we're living in the same time; It's actually 2012 we're putting our hopes to now - not 2011...He, he... ;) xxxxxxxx

  5. The dress is gorgeous you look beautiful! cannot go wrong with sparkly shoes I do feel.x

  6. OMG you and your friends are FABULOUS!

    I am IN LOVE with Fanny.

    Tifa's dress made me scream.

    You look AMAZING!

    What a fab, inspirational post. Your NY eve was WAY better/cooler than mine.

    PS Love the parrot.


  7. Thank you for all the compliments! :)

    Miss Tallulah: I'm in love with Fanny too... :) xx

  8. You look glorious in this dress. You look like an ice queen.I have wanted a dress like that forever but they cost and arm and a leg to buy at vintage stores. I thought that it was so funny how much Tifa looks like Dita Von Teese with her hair, makeup and dress all put together.

  9. Happy and Healthy New Year! Cheers!

  10. Ser ut att varit ett riktigt rolig kväll!


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