Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dita von Teese's Makeup Line

Photo: Ali Mahdavi

I have some news for all you makeup and Dita fans! This May Dita von Teese will launch her "Dita Classics" cosmetics line in selective European markets. This line a collaboration with Artdeco, that will contain all Dita's essentials, such as red lipstick, coordinating nail lacquers, pressed powder, mascara, black gel eye liner, and false lashes.

Photo: Dita von Teese

Here is a picture Dita snapped of the upcoming line herself. An icon like miss von Teese is, at least for me, the perfect person to have her own glamorous cosmetics line, and I think every one who likes her and her style will find these products interesting. I'm mostly curious about the quality though. Red lipstick and nail polish, pressed powder, black eyeliner, mascara and occasionally fake eyelashes are already in my makeup case. Will the Dita classics products win over what I already use? Would be interesting to try them out...


  1. I hadn't heard about this. I, like you, am curious about the quality. We were all a bit disappointed in Aus about her lingerie line. But you know, always keen to be a guinea pig.

  2. En annan sak är väl att de riskerar att vara tillfälliga kollektioner, så man blir förtjust i en produkt, men så kommer den inte finnas kvar varaktigt på marknaden ...

  3. Very interesting..I should hope and think she wouldn't let anything come out that wasn't of high quality, so I am willing to give them a go as I do love her and her style :) And the packaging is wonderful too, so they can sit pretty when I'm not using them ;) Xx

  4. I may have to hunt these down....pls keep me updated on where we can purchase!

  5. Dita Von Tesse has been really impressing me recently with her no sickly skinny girls policy among other things, this woman is a legend!

  6. Always looking for the perfect red lipstick ... I hope this is the one. Love the packaging.

  7. Wow, I can't wait to try this makeup. I'm a sucker for cute packaging!


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