Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bukowskis' Showroom

As most of you know from reading this blog, I've been working as a stylist at the auction house Bukowskis the last few weeks, for their Vintage and Jewels auction. After the photographing for the web catalogue was done, we started building the showroom.

Huge balloons were part of the decoration! I felt like a ten year old little girl holding those things. When I held five at the same time I almost lifted from the ground...

Here's lovely Linda tying the balloons up. Look at her electrified hair!!!

And here is the result - flying dress number one...

...and flying dress number two!

We color-coordinated everything with the help of different paintings and photographs. This is the red corner - obviously...

Here we have a picture of a horse, under which stands a pair of shoes (the black ones) decorated with hair from the mane of an actual pony!

The Hermés Kelly bag - watched over by gorgeous Marilyn! I want that picture!

One of the cabinets. There were lots of stuff for sale!

One of the mannequins, dressed in Chanel and surrounded by bags from Dior and Gucci! One day a woman walked around with her husband, looking at all the clothes and trying some on. Then she stopped, pointed at me, and said loudly to her husband: "I want her dress!". He, he. Just a little something I stitched together myself - an original Miss Meadows! It was this dress by the way. Another day a very sleazy old man came and said he wanted to by me at the auction! Gah! Men with money just assumes they can get anything! Don't think he could have afforded me though. I'm don't sell out for money, I'd rather have somebody's soul...

Keith Richards kept an eye on everything...

He especially liked this Lars Wallin dress!


Dresses weren't the only thing that could fly - here we have an umbrella hovering too!

On the stage we put all the big Louis Vuitton travel cases. And more balloons...

This was one of my favorite pieces of the whole auction - a black, transparent blouse from the 20s or 30s! The sleeves were decorated with heavy rhinestones, and it was in top condition! If it had been just a little bit smaller I would have put a bid on it. Since it didn't have a label it was clubbed at a horribly low price...

Designer Bea Szenfeld had made an installation for the showroom - a big necklace made of white, gold and silver paper, folded as diamonds...

...and another piece of the same media, writing out part of the lyrics for Madonna's Material Girl!

During the VIP evening, when the showroom opened, a line to the jewelry room was soon created by eager guests.

I do understand them though...That room SPARKLED!!!

Here's a ring shaped as a frog. I spent a few minutes in that room every day, just to get my daily dose of diamonds. Right now I really suffer from the abstinence...

Fanny, Tifa and Elsa came to the opening night. Fanny even had a few pieces from her store Kellerman Vintage for sale at the auction!

Here's a little picture from the actual auction. Exciting...

I liked working at Bukowskis so much I couldn't stand the thought of leaving them when my work there was done, so I decided to end it all by hanging myself with a diamond necklace in the jewelry room...When I was almost out of air I remembered there was a burlesque party the next day though, which I really didn't wanna miss! So I released my neck from the 21.75 ct of diamonds...The starting bid on that thing was 100,000 SEK (14,730 US dollars) by the way. Could there be a better way to die?!

I made it to the burlesque party, but more about that tomorrow!


  1. I'm glad you didn't choke on the necklace darling!

    1. Thank you dear! It would have been a splendid exit out of this world though! ;)

  2. Fab, just looks so great! Well done! X

    1. Thanx! It was wonderful to see everything come together! xo

  3. Hehe..I want the balloons! Gorgeous items..I would have wanted to be a caped crusader and swipe them all!! I even love the pictures :) I can understand why the woman wanted your dress it is marvelous, I want one too, Everyone needs an original Miss Meadows in their life ;)) Have a sweet day doll! Xx

    1. I want those balloons too, so I could have flown over to visit you darlin'! ;) Made a horrible mistake writing out the price on that diamond necklace tho. It should be 14,730 US dollars, and not 680 as I wrote first. There's a little difference there... ;) xo

  4. Awesome photos Miss Meadows, I love the flying dresses particularly. Your outfit looks great in the final photo too.

    1. Thank you dear! Feel like I want to hang some of my own dresses like that at home too! :) xx


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