Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Exhibition

It is now fifty years since Marilyn Monroe passed away, and on March 9 a new exhibition will open at the Getty Images Gallery in London, showing original dresses and costumes worn by Marilyn herself, as well as never-seen-before photographs of the star when she was a child, and glamorous photos taken at different premieres.

"Private Monroe memorabilia collector David Gainsborough Robert has kindly loaned us Marilyn's dresses wich the public can see in London for the first time ever, making this exhibition a perfect tribute to one of Hollywood's greats", says Getty Images Gallery director Louise Garczewska.

I'm reading "Fragments", containing Marilyn Monroe's own letters, poems and notes right now, so this exhibition would be really nice to see! After reading most of that book she seems so much more fragile, insecure and depressed to me, than the glitzy surface she showed the audience...

Here is one of her poems from the book:

Only parts of us will ever
touch parts of others - 
one's own truth is just
that really - one's own truth.
We can only share the
part that is within another's knowing acceptable
so one
is for most part alone.
As it is meant to be in
evidently in nature - at best perhaps it could make
our understanding seek
another's loneliness out.


  1. She's marvelous..wish I could go the exhibition!! xo

  2. I love Marilyn Monroe so much! People can try to imitate all they want but there will never be another.

  3. She had something special, but I can tell she had been so traumatized as a child... Really, she must have in some way felt unworthy of all the fame...



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