Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I DON'T want right now

Wow! I must be psychic! Yesterday I said a Things I DON'T want right now post would follow the post I did yesterday - and here it is! Amazing...For all of you who weren't reading this blog when I did one of these posts about what I DON'T want right now before, I can just tell you that here is where I show you pictures of outfits that really make me wonder what the designers thought about when they created these...um..."things"...If you're suffering from epilepsy or easily fall into a nervous breakdown, I strongly advice you not to continue reading! Here we go...

Alexis Mabille

Hm...Maybe if you use a belt...Or...No...


Oh, I'm SO sorry! I forgot to tell you to have a barf bag ready too...

Burberry Prorsum

That a big fashion house like Burberry can make a dress and a jacket like this, and then put them together, seriously makes me wonder if the end of the world might be closing in...

Christopher Kane

Cute...Very cute................................And there my barf bag received it's first content!

Christopher Raeburn

I just feel so sorry for this girl! I just can not look at her without starting to laugh! THAT LIPSTICK - Ha, ha, haaaaaaa!!!! And doesn't those pants remind you of one of those topography maps you got to use in school when the PE teacher forced you to run around in the cold rain orienteering?!

Comme des garcons

If you ever want to dress up as a giant tampon for a masquerade, Commes des garcons has the perfect outfit for you!


This might not be that bad. The only problem with it is that the second I saw it I thought of the female reproduction organ...Can you see it? So if one person goes to the masquerade as a tampon, I guess it's only fitting her friend goes as a c...

Isabel Marant

And this is what happens if you haven't got enough fabric for the last dress, and have to use small scraps you find on the floor. To try and cover it up with that shirt does not make it better though!

Isabel Marant

No comment...

Jeremy Scott

Same comment as above...

Issey Miyake

"Hi, I'm calling to get an appointment with Dr Snuggles. It seems my head has gotten stuck in an egg...".

Now, after looking at this, I think we all should go to YouTube and search for "cute kitten videos"...


  1. I'm with you on most of these Miss Meadows. The only one I really don't mind is the one you say that looks like it was made together with scraps, I think the shirt does help though, horrible looks in general though.

  2. Oh my - noooo...just nooo!! I would seriously ask for a mega raise if they even thought I would get myself into those hideous garments or whatever they are pretending to be. I can see the tampon and what the one underneath is too...poor girls, they don't stand a chance getting away with those. I definitely do NOT want any of these!! Xx

  3. Well, after all the Blumarine outfit would have worked just fine in the 90s. Like, when you´re raving for 24 hours non stop. Or when you´re at the loveparade. And I couldn´t agree more on the poor lipstick girl. But it´s not only the lipstick, it´s also the hair... Things you have to go through as a model.

  4. Whoooho.. There are some outfits that seriously scares me here. The one with the map-pants and glo-in-the dark lipstick makes me feel so sorry for that model. I mean to what lengths do you have to put up with things if you want to be a professional model. Huh? :) Obviously you have to go pretty far..Poor girl..
    The only usable outfit is the tampon-costume, and that one doesn´t fit most occasions ether. hehe.. Mostly if you are hired to do a commercial for womens sanitaries. Have a happy period! :) I would putt a cheerful blood red ribbon on the top end also.. to emphasis the happiness of it all.

  5. These and most others are the reason I stick to a '30s & '40s wardrobe! Can't go wrong with clothes made w class, mostly by anonymous women! What's in a name, anyway?

  6. Rolling on the floor laughing! Hahaha!


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