Monday, March 05, 2012

Fräulein Frauke Presents - La Belle Paris

Next Saturday, March 10, it's yet again time for one of Fräulein Frauke's burlesque nights! You can read two earlier posts about these lovely events here and here.

As you can see in the poster, the event will take place at beautiful Nalen! The theme of the party this time will be "La Belle Paris", and mixes La Belle Epoque (from the end of the 1800s to the beginning of WWI), the 1920s and the era "Le Gay Paris" - times when Paris was the center of the world, full of beauty and decadence!

"In Paris the high and the low was always mixed together - painters, writers and philosophers mingled with the children of the night - courtesans, dancers, artists and prostitutes. Alcohol and absinthe was flowing and art and liberty were matters of course." This will now be celebrated with singing, dancing, jazz, cabaret, art, and - of course - burlesque performances! The performers will be:

Photo: Per Fogelberg

The lovely Fräulein Frauke herself! The Saucy Songbird will give the audience a show inspired by Les Folies Bergères.

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Marianne Cheesecake! Originally from Canada, but now based in England, this world wide performer will take on one of Paris' biggest icons...

Photo: Maria Fallström

Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret! One of Sweden's biggest and internationally most known burlesque troupe. These girls will fill the whole stage with singing splendor!

Photo: Sima Korenivski

Velma Voluptuous! A singing primadonna who will be singing "La Vie En Rose", a fitting ovation to Paris, Edit Piaf and everything beautiful...

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Alexi Carpentieri! With the title "Mr European Leather" Alexi have been putting hearts on fire all around Europe! A real multi-talent with pole dancing, cabaret, boylesque, and wrestling on his cv, this can not be missed!

Photo: Neil Kendall

Laurie Hagen! This beauty from the Netherlands will be the night's conférencier. Laurie is one of the most well known names in the world of cabaret and burlesque in London, and will now entertain us with her singing and dancing!

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Wallenberg! This is an ongoing collaboration between people from different genres who has been initiated by Nosslo-Grebnellaw Anilaup, that explores music and art through concerts and exhibitions with a playful and dreamy esthetic.

Slippery Utopia - SL:UT and dj's Curly Lou, and House Of Raging Women will also be there to entertain the guests all night long! 

I already have my ticket, and if you want to get yours before they sell out, you can get it here! Hope to see you next Saturday!!!


  1. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. Oooooh...I wish I could come!! Looks amazing, I love these events!! Maybe one day!! xox

  3. I love the sound of rich, important people mingling in with what is now considered to be occupations of the lowest of the low, I love Paris. Have fun Miss Meadows!


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