Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabergé Friday

There aren't so many Imperial Easter Eggs left now. But we still have a few! Like number fifty-three for example: the "Steel Military Egg", from 1916!

This egg is made of steel, around which sits gold decorations in the form of the Russian double-headed eagle, Tsarina Alexandra's monogram, and an image of George the Conqueror. The egg is resting on the points of four miniature artillery shells, which - in their turn - stands on a base of nephrite. The whole piece is also topped with a gold crown.

The simple look of this egg is - yet again - caused by the ongoing WWI. All Fabergé's craftsmen were out fighting in the war, which led to the closing of his workshops. Gold and silver was not allowed to be used by jewelers, who instead turned to steel, brass and copper. In a time like this it was also bad for the Imperial family to publicly be seen ordering expensive things.

The surprise inside the egg is a miniature painting, made by Vassily Zuiev. Painted on ivory is a depiction of Tsar Nicholas II and his son, consulting with officers at the front. The miniature is surrounded by a frame of gold and white enamel, held up by a small easel. 

The "Steel Military Egg" is one of ten Imperial Easter Eggs that was never sold, and can now be found in the Kremlin armory.


  1. It is quite a simple egg...looks as if it's going to take off at any second as well, like a rocket ship. Very military for sure. But, still I like the little surprise inside with the painting, that is wonderful..what a treasure find. I hope you have a super weekend doll and the sun shines for you :))) I'm actually looking forward to some cool weather, as it's been humid here and it's quite un-pleasant. I even had to go and take my stockings off which I don't often do (Ooh how I love my stockings) but it was just too warm, so some coolness is needed. I may have to jump in some water soon :))) Have a wonderful time!! xoxox

  2. I can't believe that you're still able to do this 53 weeks in and I'm still finding new eggs that I love more than the last, the Imperial eggs have been some of my favourites and this one looks awesome! I love the steely look.

  3. How fascinating that there's a miniature painting inside the egg! Lovely! Thanks so much for dropping by my fantasy porch party of last week ;) it was wonderful to have you! xo~Sandy

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