Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Agent Provocateur Fall/Winter 2012

Agent Provocateur has just revealed Monica Cruz to be the sexy girl modeling lingerie in their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. Monica is the younger sister of Penelope Cruz, and stars in Tim Pope's glamorous Wilhelmina: Show Your True Self. Here is the campaign:

I could just die for that dark red covered in black lace set! The divan they use as props wouldn't be bad to own either...


  1. I will take one or more of each..thank you :))) I do love the red with black lace the most too and the black crossed straps number as well! I love lingerie...I will take a divan like that too & lay there in my lingerie reading a book and drinking something tasty or just lay there with the glass in my hand looking wonderful ;) Have a super day doll!! xxx

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this Miss Meadows, I honestly think that at least from these photos this girl is even sexier than her sister, amazing photos!

  3. Swoon I want her hair and those undies! xxx

  4. I just came back to drool over these lingerie pieces again ;) *tease* Thank you doll...and I am the same, I try putting all the fallin' bricks back together to envision what it looked like all together & who would have been wandering around there like I am...it's exciting really. And I agree with you perfectly, when you wear vintage, you can pick from all those decades and be a different character any day of the week ;))) Lots more fun to play!! xoxo


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