Wednesday, August 08, 2012

L'Wren Scott Resort 2013

While looking through the Resort 2013 Collections I discovered that L'Wren Scott was on the list! This is her first resort collection, and if you like dressing up in vintage from the 40s-50s, I'm sure you'll find a few pieces to love in this line! L'Wren hand-drew the fabric prints, among which you find a colorful cap pattern called "Hat's Off" - which celebrates "those who fight for peace and freedom" - and a graphic box print that is actually Morse code spelling out the designer's name and the phrase "don't fake it".


  1. I would happily have these :))) I like vintage inspired/repro clothes as they sometimes have the colours that I enjoy in them. And it's fun to see the modern fabric designs in a vintage look, gives it a quirkiness that I enjoy. Sorry husband, but I'd surely need to leave the store with all these would be a travesty to leave any behind ;) So pretty xxx

  2. These are definitely unusual looks and I won't lie that I wasn't too keen on the very first outfit but all after that are amazing, they're so unique and colourful I can't help but love them.

  3. Amazing! I would wear the entire collection! Great colours and a really fun but classic feel to it.

  4. Åh jag vill handla nu ju!
    Hade behövt någon typ skjorta som passar till jeans och kjol, men alla second hand butiker här säljer typ bara klänningar och kjolar, jätte trist.


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