Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabergé Friday

And Imperial Easter Egg number fifty-four is: the "Order of St. George Egg", from 1916!

This egg is covered in mat opalescent white enamel, under which is painted an enamel trellis pattern of green garlands - which frames tiny St. George crosses in in white and red enamel. 

As this is yet another egg created during WWI, it keeps to the demure look of the previous "war-eggs". The Order of St. George was awarded for military bravery, and a ribbon in the Order's two colors - black and orange - encircles the whole egg, framing two medals;

One mounted with the Order of the Cross of St. George, and on the other side one in silver, chased with the portrait of Tsar Nicholas II. The egg is topped by the silver crowned monogram of the Dowager Empress.

The surprise of this egg is that the two medals can be lifted to reveal portraits of Tsarevitch Alexis - as seen here - and of Tsar Nicholas - as can be seen in the topmost picture.

The receiver of this egg was the Dowager Empress Maria, and she wrote to her son;
"I kiss you three times and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dear postcards and the delightful egg with the miniatures that dear Fabergé himself came with. Amazingly beautiful. It is so sad not to be together. I wish you, my dear Nicky with all my heart, all the best things and success in everything. Your warmly loving, old Mama."

The "Order of St. George Egg" was one of nine Imperial Easter Eggs bought by Viktor Vekselberg, for almost 100 million USD, in 2004.


  1. So precious, I always enjoy the little pictures that come in these. And the note written in by his Mother was precious. Have a super weekend doll, I plan on doing nothing, just resting, maybe read or listen to some music, am in need of a break. It's been raining here again, so hopefully it lifts. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday as well :)))) Lots of loves <3

  2. I love this egg as always Miss Meadows, I particularly like the creamy colour of it and it's simple but majestic design.


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