Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nocturnal Agency

And now we stop for a short commercial brake, because - I am now for sale! Put the cash on the table and I'm yours for a few hours - at least if you're a photographer...

The thing is I got a modeling contract with Nocturnal Agency about two weeks ago. This is an agency for alternative models, that provides unique talent to the ones in need of it. Except for models they also have really cool performers, hostesses and DJ's up for booking.

I heard of this agency from my friend Tifa DeLeone, who's been a model there for a long time:

Photo: JENHELL photography

Here she is, all dressed in latex! Then I met and became friends with several other of Nocturnal's models. Like for example:

Photo: Josefine Jonsson

Photo: Ester Segarra

Photo: Josefine Jonsson

...Tea Time...

Photo: Emmelie Åslin

...and Lily De Luxe!

I had almost forgotten I had sent them my photos, when one day I got a "Welcome to Nocturnal Agency" mail! So now I'm really part of the "family-of-people-who-are-a-bit-weird-but-not-afraid-to-show-it". Feels good! I was thinking about having this photo as my profile shot:

What do you think?...

Of course there are many more models then the ones above to chose between. One of my favorites is Delilah

Photo: Cunene

Love this photo of her, and even if her hair looks a bit grey in this shot, it's actually green! Now I want green hair too, but since we're represented by the same agency I should probably stick to my dark brown tresses...

So if you want to book me or some other amazing model, hostess, performer, or DJ from Nocturnal, you can reach the agency here:

Phone: +46 733 738 738

Soon my face and information about me will be up on both their Facebook page and their web site. My biggest portfolio though, you'll find on my new public Facebook page, where you can follow and "LIKE" ME!!!! If you want to...


  1. I really do hope that this becomes a successful business project for you Miss Meadows, you're incredibly beautiful and you deserve it! Congratulations on even getting here though, that really does say a lot and I hope things continue to look up for you.

  2. Unmistakable style, classy and sophistication with a cool and youthful touch.

  3. How lovely for you! And I love that picture of you!

  4. Miss Meadows, congrats on this new project! The images posted are seductive and feminine, just love them. You look fantastic. Thanks for your visit and blog comment my lady. XO


  5. That is wonderful news...congrats to you doll!! If I win the lottery one day, I shall hire you, fly us all to Paris where you can wear some beautiful outfits and jump out of my cake for all my guests, haha :)) That would be a great birthday :))) But, I'm really happy for you, you take marvellous photos and I love all of these other girls too, they are lush :)) I hope things continue to go up and up for you!! xoxo

  6. Gorgeous girls, definitely use that as your headshot hah xx

  7. Thank you all for lovely comments! I'm not going to get rich and famous because of this - and that was never really my goal either...But it's nice to see I'm actually good enough in front of the camera to fit in an agency! A good reason to keep doing it! :) xx

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  9. I noticed this post right now, while looking for something totally different (NMA related tho)!

    You look gorgeous and I am so happy to know you're into NMA as well! Welcome! I have always felt NMA as a family, no matter business, so this is such a great news, and you got a lovely figure, totally deserve being in!

    Thank you for the kind words and hey, if you like green just go green, you'd look amazing :) nobody will care about two people with the "same" hair colour ;)

    Hope I will meet you (and some more girls!) soon. Apparently I really need to travel to Sweden to meet you all.. next year maybe? :)

    *hug* Thanks again :)

    1. Haha! Thank you! I already knew quite a few of NMA's models before getting a contract with them myself, so it feels great to be part of the "Addams Family" now! ;) It's just sad most of us live in Sweden, and then there are a few ones spread out in other countries that we don't get to see so often...

      I LOVE that photo of you I posted here above! I hadn't heard about Cunene before, but her photos are just my style! Would love to get shot by her some day!

      Hope to see you in the future darlin'! :)



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