Wednesday, August 01, 2012

How To Kiss

I found a very good lesson in how to kiss on Retronaut. It's from 1942, and it tells you exactly how to perform this difficult, but oh so lovely, act!

Now you know, and all you really need to do is find someone willing to practice with you. Good luck!

To give you a few extra hints on how to behave, I will also show you an excerpt from Always Ask A Man: Arlene Dahl's Key To Femininity from 1965.



  1. This is some good advice, the first kiss itself definitely looks way too wooden, it wouldn't look great in day to day usage so it wouldn't look great acted out either. I love the chic guide too, I wish I knew a girl who obeyed the rules. I still have a lot of growing up to do however when the phrase "a gay dinner hat," still makes me snigger like a little child haha.

  2. No diamonds at breakfast?? No fair!

  3. Those are brilliant, I agree with the kissing bit ;) No diamonds at breakfast..I shall have to break that rule ;) Oh yes, we shall live in the castle and share it happily, there is plenty room. And a huge garden and grounds for us to host big lavish parties and invite all our friends from all over the world, it will be wonderful :))) And because it's high up on a hill surrounded by forest, we can be as loud as we wish ;) Hope you are having a sweet day peach!! <3 <3 <3

  4. This is adorable! :) LOVED IT!

    Although the one where they're sprawled over the sofa did seem QUITE uncomfortable to say the least! ;)

    p.s. Thanks for the post !! :)


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