Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Berlin Burlesque Book

When you stepped in through the doors to the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival - which I wrote about yesterday - photographer Paul Green was waiting there with his camera ready to shoot all the guests!

Here are two pictures he took of me! And after looking at what he has been doing with a camera in the past I which he'd shoot me again! BUT, that's not what this post is really going to be about, for after Paul had shot me, he told me about an exiting project he has been working on, together with designer Maurice Redmond - a book called "Berlin Burlesque", that is a fine art photographic book that aims to "show the beauty, craziness and fun of a burlesque show...It is a dedication to talented, creative women who shake and shimmy their stuff on stage."

About getting the idea for the project, Paul says: "I was struck by the new burlesque scene I saw in Australia and decided I wanted to get to the heart of it. So I gave up my apartment, sold all my stuff, and took my cameras and myself to Berlin Germany to see what I could find." 

Pretty ambitious if you ask me! But here is the thing - to be able to print these books Paul has started a fund raising project. His goal is to at least be able to print 100 books, and also to make some fine art prints, and hopefully to have a book launch/exhibition in Berlin. Any excess will go towards continuing the project ant hopefully photographing in other European cities. 

The reason I did this post is because I love burlesque, and I know how hard everyone involved in it work - and how much money they spend - on this old/new art form. So if I can help anyone out a bit, it's my pleasure! More info about Paul Green's project - and how to help fund it - you can find here:

Here is a little sneak peek!

Paul Green's web site:
His blog:
Berlin Burlesque:


  1. These photographs are incredible Miss Meadows, you look wonderful as always, you've got the perfect face and body for this kind of business in my opinion, you rock! :)

  2. Wow, you look like a 50's glam movie star in those shots :) !!

    And how interesting about his project! I actually wasn't really familiar with burlesque until I read your last post! ;)

    1. Thank you for your lovely compliment on my blog! The photographer taking pics of all the burlesque guests is obviously REALLY good, so feel honored just to have been able to stand in front of his camera for a "simple" guest-shot! :) Many people have no idea what burlesque really is, but when they get to see it, they usually want to see it again - that's what happened to me a year ago, and now I've started a career as a burlesque dancer myself. I hope you get to see it some day (some GOOD burlesque, there's a lot of bad acts out there too)...And I SO hope you'll find that towel! Maybe he ran off to get a part in South Park! There IS a towel that has a roll in that show you know! ;) xox

  3. You look stunning doll, love what you're wearing :)) This sounds like a wonderful project and I shall be checking out more of it as I adore Burlesque and anything to help, I will do it ;) xx


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