Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elie Saab F/W 2012 Couture

As usual I cried a little while looking through Elie Saab's couture collection for F/W 2012. Firstly, because I don't own any of these dresses. And secondly, because I probably never will own any of these dresses...But anyway. Here are my favorites from the collection. Need to go blow my nose...

The whole collection can be seen here!


  1. Yes yes yes yes!! I too cry over these dresses and the fact I will more than likely never have any or even get to see one in real life...they are amazing!!All of them are stunning, a dream. Really they know how to make a doll swoon with these creations! I hope you have a wonderful day darling, try not to be too sad...we could win the lottery one day and have many of these could happen :))) xxx

  2. I love these dresses Miss Meadows, especially the blue dresses, they're all so colourful and pretty compared to some of the awesome and sultry yet dark and brooding dresses, I hope you get at least one of these dresses because they all look wonderful!


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