Monday, October 15, 2012

Dita von Teese's "My Cointreau Evening Bag"

As most Dita fans know, this gorgeous lady is the ambassadress of Cointreau. Now she has designed a bag called "My Cointreau Evening Bag", which contains secret cocktail accessories for "hidden moments of pleasure"...

The white and orange - limited edition - handbag is vintage styled, and has an art deco inspired pattern on the front, reminiscent of the oranges Cointreau uses to create its spirit. Dita's signature in small silver letters is also placed at the bottom of the bag.

Inside the bag you find surprising ingredients that will spice up any cocktail party. They can be used both to mix classic cocktails, or to create new recipes and flavors. Alongside the iconic Cointreau bottle sits three jars, offering a burst of ginger, a pinch of cinnamon, or a thrilling kick of chili to your cocktail.

The bag also holds a vintage mixing spoon and a measuring cup for precise cocktail-making, as well as a classic powder compact containing a box of tea, as Dita adores the blend of Cointreau and chilled tea over ice.

During her travels around the world Dita has tasted a few cocktails, and in the bag you also find a book with recipes inspired her discoveries - like the MargaDita, inspired by sunny Mexico, or the Royal Cointreaupolitan, that gives you a taste of the grandeur of London.

All the things in the bag can also be removed, so you can fill it with whatever you need, and use it as a "normal" bag. "My Cointreau Evening Bag" was launched in September, and can be found exclusively in Selfridges nationwide. 

Dita says about her creation: "a woman's handbag should always contain special accessories that make her happy...hidden moments of pleasure that live inside the pockets. It has what it takes to create the unpredictable, which is exactly what I love". Unfortunately Selfridges doesn't exist in Sweden. So I guess I don't have so much hope of getting one of these. But I would just love to bring it with me to my friends, open it up, and have a party! Now I need a drink...

All photos by Ali Mahdavi for Cointreau.


  1. It looks wonderful and the fact that I can take all the stuff out and use it for every day things makes it even better :)) She looks absolutely stunning - as always, I really want to swipe all her outfits here and bring them home with me - she can come too if she must ;) Will have to make my way to a Selfridges :))Have a gorgeous Monday doll...hope you had a fun weekend xox

  2. I had no idea that Dita von Teese was such a huge fan of Cointreau, which I've never tried before but it sounds pretty good. I love the idea of the evening bag and I would love, love, love for you to get one Miss Meadows since you're one of her biggest fans, it's a great concept and sounds like a worthwhile buy to me! The MargaDita sounds delicious too!

  3. A great blog about fashion trends and i am also a huge fan of cointreau


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