Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stockholm Burlesque Festival

Now it's over...And I couldn't even attend everyday, because of work! *Sigh*...Sometimes life is tough...But from what I've heard the 2nd International Stockholm Burlesque Festival was such a success it will most certainly happen next year again!

The four-day festival started last Thursday, with a little teaser at Scandic Malmen Hotel. Above we see three of the festival's four arrangers - from left to right: Duchess Dubois, Dixie Belle, and Fräulein Frauke. The fourth organizer is the one behind the camera - John Paul Bichard!

Fräulein Frauke sang beautifully, and there were performances by Duchess Dubois, and Ruby Luscious and Ivoncita - who together fought it out in a fan-duel! Since we were at an hotel, some people who had never seen burlesque before peeked in through the doors when they heard the music. I couldn't help laughing at one old man who was staring so hard I seriously thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head! But - as Ruby put it - it was a long time since he last saw a butt so high up on a woman's body...

The second day was the first of the two gala evenings - both taking place at Kägelbanan at Södra Teatern. Unfortunately I missed the second night, because of that annoying problem I mentioned earlier - work...But the night I was able to attend I got to see so many amazing performances from so many amazing performers! I almost jumped up on stage and ripped my own clothes off! Above we see Lilly Tiger. A few of the other performers were:

...and Lou Lou D'vil. After Sophia St Villier's performance there was lots of glitter on stage - right where I was standing. So when the stage kitten came with a big broom to brush it off the stage, I simply leaned back a little, and she let it all fall over me! That was the first time I had ever been showered in glitter. I liked it! Later I was also - accidentally - showered in bubbles. That made the glitter - which had poured down into my whole dress - stick even harder to my body. When I got home I had to stand over the bathtub an scrape it off me with my nails. And you should have seen the floor where I had gotten undressed! So pretty...

Kitty Sincane

The second gala evening was just as big as the first - but with other performers. I so wish I could have been there that night too! This evening something called "Octbooberfest" also took place on stage - a tassel-twirling competition to support the pink ribbon, which you can buy everywhere in Sweden during October to give money to breast cancer research. The person taking home the crown for best twirler was Kitty Sincane!

Apathy Angel

One girl who's performance I was sad to miss was Apathy Angel - a lovely girl from NYC, whom I had met and talked to both Friday and Saturday. I guess I just have to go back to NYC soon, so I can see her perform there!

I also met one of my lovely blog readers - Fröken Emmelie - who had traveled from Västerås together with two friends, to get to see some good burlesque. That just made me realize it's a bit sad you pretty much have to go to the big cities in Sweden if you want to experience the best of what this country has to offer in burlesque. But as this kind of entertainment grows bigger, I hope it spreads like a sparkling disease all over the country!

On Sunday the festival ended with a brunch at the same hotel it had started. I hope the arrangers slept well the night after it was all over, knowing they had managed to pull off four days of extravagant entertainment! I'm so glad there are people who has the will and strength to organize things like this, so I - and all the rest of the burlesqueofils - in Sweden (plus everyone who travel here to party with us) can have the pleasure of going to these decadent, lavish, glamorous, entertaining parties! So THANK YOU to the organizers!!!!!!! How are you going to top this next year?!

All photos by John Paul Bichard.


  1. Adore! I just love burlesque shows...sadly it's been ages since I've been to one due to my youngest still being small. But, I'll have to go sometime! All of these ladies look stupendous :))) I would have liked to been showered with glitter, how fun!! Am glad you got to go for some of it, maybe next time you can go to the whole thing or even better - be in it ;))) That would be wonderful!! Thank you for the congrats :)) It's quite nice, though I don't pay attention much to the number, it's more the special ones like you that I'm most happy about. Those are the real gems ;D I hope you have a gorgeous day doll <3 <3

  2. Looks like so much fun! :D
    I have to come next year, although I'm going to Stockholm the first weekend in november because of Big Sandy ;)

  3. This seems like a whole lot of fun to me Miss Meadows, I love how full frontal, engaging and enticing it is, everybody here seems so free and like they're not dragging themselves down, it seems awesome. I'd love to go to a show someday but I doubt that there are any shows over here which is a shame, they'd be rare at the very least.

  4. Those pictures are really beautiful!!! I often don't like burlesque shows here in France because it's so fashionnable now that everybody wants to make the show, but burlesque is not striptease...!!! But it can be so beautiful when it's when done with elegant funny gals!


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