Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shoot With Pelle Piano

About a week ago I did a photo shoot with Pelle Piano. He is both an amazing photographer and an amazing retoucher! I contacted him after seeing his previous work - and especially falling for his Old Hollywood style photos. We ended up having a fun and very productive day at his studio, and this post will show you the result. Everything was shot against a blue screen, so it was really fun to see the pictures after Pelle had worked his magic on them!

In 1956 I was on the cover of Vogue. The way I stay young is by drinking lots of red wine - antioxidants you know...

I actually started my first blog in 1941! I was living in NYC at the time...

...and just like the bloggers of today, I liked to take pictures of myself. I didn't have an iPhone though...

In Central Park!

Another self portrait. Queensboro Bridge in the background.

One more from Central Park. I love walking around there!

One of the best things with NYC is there's always cabs around!

I also had a bit of a career as an actress before I moved to Sweden! Sometimes acting as a femme fatale...

...and sometimes as...well...

For a short time I was married to a Count...Which actually makes me a Countess. And yes, I still hold that title!

And lastly, one from the good old Hollywood years!

As you can see Pelle Piano knows what he is doing! He has even taken the background photos - which he glued me into - himself. I'm really glad to have had the opportunity to work with him - and hope to be able to do it again in the future!

Pelle Piano's web site: http://www.pellepiano.com/
And this is where he posts his Old Hollywood photos: http://www.pellepiano.com/

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  1. Those are absolutely fantastic, he did an amazing job!! You look sensational and may I say impeccable for your age too ;) Love the Black Widow one, so cool :)) Hope you have a sweet day doll Xox

  2. This is incredible Miss Meadows! I genuinely can't believe how awesome these look, you really do look like you'd have fit in back then, I love this! Your friend is so damn talented in my opinion for being able to do this, honestly I thought for a split second that you really were on Vogue back then it looks that realistic, I adore this shoot, so sophisticated and sexy!

  3. I showed my brother there the photos because he's interested in photography and photo production and he couldn't believe how incredibly done these photos were, I don't think he believed it was possible for the vintage shoot to be so perfect.

  4. Helt underbara bilder, bra modellat av dig och skjukligt bra redigering och fotografering av fotografen! Det näst sista porträttet är hur fint som helst!

    Kram / Emmelie

  5. Beautiful photos! You are gorgeous, as always! :)

  6. Thanks guys!!! Hope I get to shoot with Mr Piano some time again! :D xxx

  7. Miss Meadows, you look incredible in every shot, and it seems Mr. Piano has a good sense of humor and an eye for detail. Wish I could just hire him to follow me around the house and snap photos! ;)

  8. I have already said it, but it is worth saying again; You look absolutely gorgeous!

  9. WOW!!! The Vogue pic at the top is so UNBELIEVABLY perfect. Beautiful

  10. These shots are incredible!! I love vintage things and old photography!! I noticed you wore the brown dress you found some time ago!! It worked great for the shots! Kudos to you!! Amazing! :)

    1. Thank you! The funny thing is I had a whole suitcase filled with vintage clothes and accessories with me to the shoot. That brown suit I just wore on my way there. Then that's what we ended up using most! :) xx


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