Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Anathema Photography

It's dark, cold and misty outside. And dead leaves are blowing in the wind. It's HALLOWEEN TIME!!! So let's look at some pictures by Anathema Photography! This is not for the faint hearted...


Blood Shower Scream

A Woman Scorned


The Lovers

Get Out

Speech Therapy

Designer Costuming

Love this one! Modeling is the lovely - and very eloquent - Tristan Risk. Wish I had stockings like that...

Anathema Photography



My Boyfriend's Back

Carving Contest

Eat Me

Consecrated Desecration


Insidious Biomorph

Separation Anxiety


Crimson Mermaid

I seriously need to get a shoot with these people!!! Weeeee!!! Anyways...

Happy Halloween!!!

For more scary stuff, visit:


  1. Amazing work...I think something with you would be awesome!! I hope you'll get to work with them :) Have a great day xx

  2. These are all amazing Miss Meadows! I mean I do find them incredibly scary and morbid but in a really fascinating and cool way, I have to love this despite how horrifying some of the photos are, it's really helped me get into the Halloween spirit!

  3. Once more I remember why I love your blog! It´s the mix of different interests that´s hard to find in other blogs. Fabergé eggs and photography like this don´t come together in one place very often ;)


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