Friday, May 31, 2013

Fabergé Friday

So after skipping the Fabergé Friday post for the first time in history last week, it's nice to see things are back to normal again. It's not an egg. But it kind of looks look like one... Today's Fabergé object as a scent flask/perfume bottle, made by workmaster Andrei Gorianov sometime between 1908 and 1917!

The bottle is covered in translucent bluish pearl white enamel over a guilloché ground.

A gold chain is attached on both sides...

...and the "neck" is also made of gold, with a leaf-decoration surrounding it. The hight of the bottle is 2 1/16 inches (5,3 centimeters). This would be perfect to bring when, for example, traveling with public transportation among smelly people, using public restrooms, or - filled with smelling salts - in case of both convenient and inconvenient fainting attacks...


  1. it's so pretty. What a great object to carry perfume in. It looks like anything small could be put in there. And one would really need it if they were travelling on public transportation, because not everyone knows what deodorant is, haha. You could even put glitter in there and sprinkle it around while going along :)) Happy Friday peach xxx <3

  2. This is probably actually the closest you've posted to an egg without actually being an egg since the egg part of the series ended, just beautiful Miss Meadows! Great to see Faberge Friday is back as well!


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