Monday, September 02, 2013

Picnic, Ducks, and Swinging From a Tree

The summer in Sweden has been amazing this year! Warm and sunny almost every day! So since we want to enjoy it as much as we can while it lasts, me, my sister, and our mom decided to have a picnic together in Rålambshovsparken! I remembered I had an unused summer dress in my closet, that I bought at the latest burlesque flea market, so this was a good day to let it out in the sun! It's vintage, 50s or 60s, in a very lightweight, transparent, flowy fabric - demonstrated in the pictures above!

Summer picnics in Sweden means rosé wine, and if you like a sweet tasting rosé, I can highly recommend this one - Lord Zinclair! I just realized this is the second time in about one week I've given you tips on wine, but I'm not sponsored or anything! They should sponsor me though. Considering how much I like drinking it... Oh well...

After a while a few guests arrived. But as we didn't want to share our wine with a bunch of alcoholic ducks, they went away pretty soon.

To cool ourselves off a bit, we went down to the water, where my lovely mom decided to try to swing from a tree. Of course I couldn't be worse than my own mother, and also had to try this interesting activity! 

And this is how it ended! No one fell in the water - which probably would have ended up in some funny pictures though...


  1. What a wonderful dress, you look gorgeous. Te red in it and your shoes suits you :)) What silly ducks coming for a drink ;) You and your Mother are funny, I would have done the same though & more than likely fell in, haha :)) I hope you have a magical new week doll!! Xxxxx <3

  2. You look incredible in this dress Miss Meadows, I adore the heels and think that you look incredible, seems like you had a great time and a great Summer in general! I love the photo of you and your mum, you guys look like you're having so much fun, knowing my luck if it had been me the branch would have broken!


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