Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funeral Outfit

And so it was time for funeral number two, for grandma number two, this summer/fall. And this time I chose to go with the traditional black!

The dress I wore is from the 40s, in a pretty heavy, slinky fabric. I bought it from Fanny.

It's a bit difficult to see in the photo, but the back has sort of a little bustle, and at the top there is a small opening that closes with a hook and eye.

On the inside of the sleeves there are zippers, which makes them sit perfectly around my skinny arms. I love this dress! It's one of those pieces that you can pretty much wear at any occasion, and the fact that I wore it to a funeral, won't stop me from wearing it to a party in the future!


  1. It's a stunning dress doll, I love the bustle at the back and that's quite clever to have the zipper on the wrist of the arms as it usually fits too big on the sleeves for me, I like that. It was a sad moment to wear a dress, but you can give it happier memories when you wear it again and I know your Grandma would like that more :)) Lots of loves to you XX

  2. Your grandmother would have been so proud Miss Meadows because you look amazing and just so classy, I love that you're going to wear it in the future too, I can't speak for your grandma but I have a feeling she'd love that as well, nobody who loves us wants us to be plagued with sadness in our lives forever.

  3. Oh, Miss Meadows! I'm sure your grandmother is very proud to have a granddaughter so elegant and beautiful. Sorry for the news of the funeral, you look great in black.


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