Monday, September 16, 2013

Time Travelling

One day last week I went up at 3:15 am to travel back to the year 1905, for my third and last stint as an extra in the TV-series Fröken Frimans Krig (Miss Friman's War), that will be aired on Swedish television around Christmas this year.

We were quite a few extras this day, and it was wonderful seeing all these people walking around in antique clothes, hats and accessories fit for a museum!

We were shooting in a really fitting area in the south part of Stockholm, with lots of old buildings and cobblestone streets.

It got a bit chilly in the shade, so me and many of the other fine ladies warmed ourselves a bit in the sun - of course while wearing hats and gloves to protect our sensitive white skin. In 1905 a tan wasn't really the coolest thing to have...

Saw this old wheelchair and just had to take a picture of it! It is - literally - a chair on wheels!

And here is me, saying hello to the extremely patient horse who also played an extra during the day, I really liked the carriage, and wish I would have gotten to take a ride in it. But there was no time for that. After waking up as early as I did, and then working for fifteen hours, I was "slightly" tired, but also very glad I had gotten the opportunity to be part of this. 

I instagrammed the above picture in black and white, and I like the result. It really looks like it could have been taken in 1905...


  1. This is awesome doll :)) So cool that you got to take part in this. I love all of the clothes and the horse too. What a wonderful time. I hope you have a lovely week ahead <3 <3

  2. This looks so cool Miss Meadows, I love your outfit so much as well, you can tell that this TV series is going to be a huge success, I love it already!

  3. So exciting Miss Meadows! Of course you look lovely and the costumes.....oh the coustumes! Yes...the black & white snap looks like a real photo. :) So happy you had this opportunity. I hope to see your film in the US some day.

  4. You looked so awesome! What a wonderful experience! You fit in perfectly. I love period pieces and wish I could see this in the States. Congratulations! Very proud of you :)


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