Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The International Stockholm Burlesque Festival

If you're feeling a bit down, and need a big dose of burlesque to make everything ok again, I suggest you come to Stockholm October 4th-6th. Because during these three days the International Stockholm Burlesque Festival will come back to town for the third time!

Photo: John Paul Bichard

Performers will come from all over the world to amuse the Stockholmian audience, and there will be a tassel twirling competition, an art exhibition, a burlesque flea market, workshops, partying, and of course lots of sparkling nakedness! Here is a schedule for what will happen during the different days:

Friday: The Friday Extravaganza takes place at Södra Teatern, and includes a full length show, a surprise performance, great DJs, and a photo exhibition by the Finnish duo Atelieri O. Haapala and the English photographer and artist John Paul Bichard. O. Haapala will also set up a vintage photo booth, where you can have your portrait taken in the most glamorous way possible! Performers of the evening are:

Armitage Shanks (US), Banbury Cross (UK), Minnie Tonka (US), Mr Pustra (UK), Apathy Angel (US), Aurora Galore (UK), Blackbird Burlesque Cabaret (SWE), Burkläsk (SWE) Champagne Sparkles (CAN), Fräulein Frauke (SWE), Honey Lulu (IT), Itty Bitty Tease (FIN), Lady Fransescca (SWE), Lily Deluxe (SWE), Lou Safire (UK), Pepper Sparkles (FIN), Ruby Luscious (SWE), Sir Willy Waterlilly (FIN), Trixi Tassels (UK), Valentina del Pearls (FR), Yvette Les Fesses (SWE).

Saturday: The Saturday Spectacular will go down at Nalen, as a mix of burlesque festival and the popular burlesque event Fräulein Frauke Presents. This will be a huge party with amazing shows, a live band, and the tassel twirling competition Octbooberfest that is a fundraising event for the Pink Ribbon. Ateliei O. Haapala will set up their vintage photo booth this evening too! Saturday's performers are:

Armitage Shanks (US), Banbury Cross (UK), Minnie Tonka (US), Mr Pustra (UK), Akynos (US), Daisy Black (UK), Eliza Delite (UK), Elsie Diamond (UK), Ivoncita and the Matadores de Amor (SWE), Jacques Patriaque (AUT), Lou on the Rocks (SWISS), Mr Gunner (SWE), Strawberry Siren (AUS), Sweety J (IT), Velma von Bon Bon (UK).
Live band - *to be announced*.

Sunday: For the sixth time Burleskloppis 6.0 (the Burlesque Flea Market) opens it's doors to burlesque- and vintage lovers, this time as part of the Burlesque Festival! So come and do some bargains, mingle with likeminded people, and watch some more burlesque performances! On stage you will be able to see The Royal Roses Burlesque Troupe, Kitty Sincane, Mystique Luna, and your's truly. I will premiere a new act called Moonlight Sonata, that will be all about the moon! As usual I will also work all day at the flea market. 


During the festival you will also be able to take workshops with some of the performers. One of them is Mr Pustra, and at least I won't miss that one!

For more info visit the festivals web site here! Or go to the three different Facebook events for the three different days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


  1. This sounds amazing!! I wish I wish I could go to it too :)) It would be perfect. Mr. Pustra is marvellous, would be perfect to see his performance. I follow him on twitter. Lucky you :))) Have a great time doll <3 <3

  2. THis looks so fun, really hope that you have an amazing time Miss Meadows, you go to some wonderful events but this looks like the cream of the crop!

  3. It looks like it's going to be FUN. I need a dose of that right now :)


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