Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Fräulein Frauke Presents - Hooray For Hollywood!

Last Saturday it was time for me to get up on stage and throw my clothes off again! And this time I was actually a bit nervous! Most of you probably know about Fräulein Frauke's amazing burlesque events by now, since I blog about them every time they take place. The difference this time though, was that I wasn't going there "just" as a guest, but I had been invited to perform too! The theme of the party this time was Hooray For Hollywood, and Fräulein Frauke wanted me to do my Diamonds Are Forever act.

As usual, the party took place at Nalen, and I was the first one on stage, warming up the audience in a smaller room called Harlem, before the doors opened to the main stage. I had to change my act a little to fit it to the small stage, but everything went well, and I felt really good dancing around in pink light, surrounded by an amazing audience and the beautiful atmosphere of Nalen, which is decorated in late 19th century style.

Next on stage was Yvette Les Fesses, who took her clothes off while singing a song I love - Put The Blame On Mame form the 1946 film Gilda.

On the big stage Elegy Ellem stepped out in a Jabba the Hut costume. But behold! Out of Jabba then emerged...

...Princess Leia! Fabulous!

Fräulein Frauke and Velma Voluptuous did a sparkling duett from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...

...La Viola Vixen shook he tassels...

...Coco Belle stapeled pink feathers to her/his ass...

...Fräulein Frauke did her wonderful Carmen Miranda inspired act...

...Comedian Wes Zaharuk made us all laugh...

...and conférencière Ophelia Bitz tied the show together with amazing wit and a wonderful voice!

After performing I changed into what I call my Ghost Dress from the late 40s, and partied away! My mother and here sister came to se me strip for the first time, and they both liked my performance. At least that's what they said... Hehe...

Fräulein Frauke wore a very pretty dress, that I just wanted to rip off her and take with me home! All the guests looked amazing too! Dressed to the nines to fit the Hollywood theme! As usual I can't wait for Fräulein Frauke's next burlesque event, and am waiting with anticipation to find out what the theme for that party will be!

All photos taken by John Paul Bichard.


  1. What a wonderful time!! No doubt you did an amazing job, you looked super!! Loved everyone's attire. Especially Fräulein's amazing dress...I would rip it off her too ;) How gorgeous. Superb night :))) Xxx

  2. I worked until midnight and I really feel that I missed so much this time! I hope I will get to see you perform some other time!

    1. Det é alltid tråkigt att missa Fröken Fraukes event, men snart är det Stockholm Burlesque Festival! :D Då kommer jag att uppträda på söndagen, under Burleskloppisen! Hoppas vi syns där! :) xox

  3. This seems so fun Miss Meadows, glad to hear that it went so well, you look incredible in my opinion as always, just a great night!


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