Friday, October 24, 2014

Fabergé Friday

A few days ago I was hemming a dress, and the fabric was so sturdy I lost quite a lot of skin on the finger I used to push the needle through the fabric. That would never have happened had I owned a thimble though. And since Fabergé created most things you might need in life, of course I found a little thimble among his creations! It was made by workmaster Feodor Afanasiev, around 1890!

The thimble is 0.9'' (2.2 cm) high and made of gold. The base is decorated with a Greek key ornament in turquoise enamel. It can be yours for 11.500 USD, and it is for sale at John Atzbach Antiques.

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  1. I love thimbles, I was obsessed with them as a child, as my Nana had quite a few of them and they were all so differently decorated. And they seem like a un-needed object, but after sewing with one, I realized they are a huge life-saver!! This one is so gorgeous, love the Greek key around it, will just need to win that lottery to have it as my own ;-) Happy Friday doll Xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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