Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Full Moon


Fall has really arrived in Sweden now, and even though I love summer, I have to say I do love fall too. Cozy, misty days among the dying trees... And when the full moon shines through the ghostlike clouds, I feel really good! The music I want to share with you this time is the song Chandelier by Sia. I think this is a really good song, and when I saw the video I was astounded by the little girl dancing in it. There is something disturbing in the way she moves and expresses herself like a grown up woman, when in reality she is only twelve years old! Her name is Maddie Ziegler, and well, she is astounding! Watch the video below and you'll understand...

1 comment:

  1. I love this video, Sia is a favourite of mine. Love the picture too, i do love summer and feeling warm. But, there is something bewitching about Autumn that I adore so much. The atmosphere becomes magical like. Perfect. I hope you have a gorgeous day my sweet Xxxxxxxxxxxx


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