Monday, October 13, 2014

Vintage Fashion Show

Designer Linda of O.L.D - Obviously Linda Design has a large collection of vintage clothes she takes inspiration from. And sometimes she creates fashion shows with these vintage garments, when people wants to adorn their party/event with a bit of old fashioned flair. A few weeks ago she organized one of these fashion shows, and she asked me if I wanted to be one of her models. Of course I said yes, and she put me in a gorgeous 50s dress with matching belt and shawl! It fit me perfectly, but Linda refuses to sell it to me. Outrageous!!!!! Haha! Well, here are a few pics from the show!

The blond girl wearing the green dress in the bottom pic is Linda herself, and if you want to hire her for a vintage fashion show, or to have her design and sew something for you, you can contact her by mail:, or visit her website or Facebook page!

Photo: Magnus Gustafsson


  1. I'm a avintage lover, and I'm pretty inspired by this show!!
    Twt/IG @marikaodoardi

  2. You look amazing doll, the horror of not being able to buy this from her!! ;-) What a wonderful idea for a show though, everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves very much!! Glamour doll you...stunning Xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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