Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The 4th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival - Saturday Spectacular

After a night of well needed rest after the first evening of the 4th International Stockholm Burlesque Festival I took a peek outside and saw my whole balcony sparkling in the sunshine! This was the result of me spraying my pointe shoes with glitter spray a few days earlier for my performance on the first day of the festival - which you can read about here! I think I have raised the value of this apartment to a great extent by making the balcony so pretty! Anyway... After showering off last night's sparkling remains on my own body, it was time to throw on an old rag and skip away to yet another evening of flamboyant burlesque!


The second night of the festival took place at Nalen, and yet again Reuben Kaye talked and sang us through the show.

First the Octbooberfest took place on stage. This is a tassel twirling competition done to support the Pink Ribbon. Tassels and assels (tassels attached to the ass) were shaked - some were even shaked so much they fell off - and in the end Judita Látigos - in the middle, wearing a hat and moustache - won the competition!

Then the performances started with Chrissy Kiss! A few of the other performers this evening were:

And let's not forget our fabulous stage kittens!

And of course - the amazing producers Fräulein Frauke and John Paul Bichard!!! Here with performer Sheila Wolf in the middle. Without them this festival wouldn't keep going, and getting better and better every year. THANK YOU my darlings! Love you... 

Then the night continued with dancing, wine and other shenanigans. Here is Reuben and Tigger having a nice moment together. After this amazing burlesque weekend I was completely beat, and my pain demon wasn't happy. But it was so worth it! Already thinking about what I'm going to wear for next year's burlesque festival. Will probably have to get a new dress. Or two...

To see more pictures - and the rest of the many performers - from the festival, follow this link!

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  1. This looked like so much fun...I love it!! I hope to come one year with you Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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