Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabergé Friday

Imperial Easter Egg number thirty five looks like if was taken straight from the story "Sleeping Beauty"! it is called the "Rose Trellis Egg", and was made in 1907.

This egg is enameled in a translucent green and covered in a trellis work of rose-cut diamonds. In between the trellis are roses, enameled in different shades of pink, with vine like branches in gold, and leaves of dark green enamel.

In both ends of the egg are set large portrait diamonds. The one at the base covers the year of creation, "1907", and the one at the top once probably had a monogram set beneath it. This egg's surprise have been lost, but researches indicates it was a diamond necklace with a watercolor miniature of Tsar Nicholas II's and Alexandra's only son - Tsarevich Alexei, painted on ivory.

Since 1952 the "Rose Trellis Egg" can be seen on permanent display at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.

When I was looking for pictures of this egg I came across this photo:

It's from Mary Katrantzou's F/W 2011 collection, and I think we all can see where she got her inspiration from...


  1. Wow, you can't half see the similarities between the egg and Mary Katrantzou's outfit, great egg as always Miss Meadows.

  2.'s wonderful..very much like a fairytale!! I like it very much..have a sweet weekend darling girl! Xx P.S. I saw your picture on twitter..wasn't expecting a full show of your top, but pleasantly surprised anyways ;) haha. My husband was around, he would have thought other things, haha ;-) Xx

  3. This one had always been my favourite!


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