Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fancy Easter Party

On Good Friday I had been invited to a fancy Easter Party by Fräulein Frauke and her husband John Paul Bichard!

I wore a vintage 50s dress from Kellerman Vintage...

...flowery shoes I bought in Italy ages ago...

...and topped it all off with two Easter feathers!

All the guests had been asked to bring something for the buffet table, and a bottle of bubbles.

I made my famous chocolate mousse pie! If you want a peace of this you can't have a phobia for calories...

All the guests were very well dressed in vintage, uniforms etc. We ate, drank, ate, talked, and drank some more.

I think there was something wrong with my glass though. I had to refill it, like, all the time!

The evening's most inventive fascinator was made of film rolls!

My hunny Fanny was also there. Here with her husband Michael to the right, and Wiktor to the left.

Wiktor has a well waxed, really nice moustache!

Loved this dress!!!

Another dress I really felt like stealing was, unfortunately, attached to lovely Lily De Luxe's body...

Hostess of the party, Fräulein Frauke - to the left - had chosen a dress in the same color as mine! Great minds think alike!

Her husband, John Paul - also to the left - looked very dashing in a uniform! It's not easy to capture photographers with your camera, so I think I did pretty good with this one, where I actually captured two photographers in the same picture! The other one being Albin, the blond boy to the right!

This picture I call "Babes By The Fireplace".

The Easter bunny was of course there too! He looks very nice and cute where he sits, but if you're not nice...


All black/white photos by Michael Vincent McCarthy Kellerman.


  1. These are marvelous! Love everyone's attire...wouldn't mind swiping those dresses too ;) Am very happy you had a great time! And a big hug of love to your Grandmother too!! Xoxo

  2. I love your shoes.

    Your friends are all so fabulous!

    The rabbit is a bit scary, though. :/

  3. I'm glad to hear you had so much fun Miss Meadows, you look amazing in that dress!

  4. You look gorgeous. Wiktor's lampshade hat is rather unusual too!!!

  5. Gorgeous shoes, and you have some very glamarous friends! X


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