Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Loren Wood

A few decades ago no one left the house without a hat! Nowadays, not many people cover their heads in anything, unless it's just to stay warm in the winter. As a vintage girl I wear hats sometimes, and I have discovered there aren't really any limits to how a hat can look. This is especially true when it comes to Loren Wood's hats! For the past four years Mr Wood has been making dreamlike - some would say macabre - hats of taxidermy, inspired by the Edwardian and 1920s cross over period. I first saw his hats on the Fantastic Dandy's blog, and now I'm bringing them over to my blog! Here's a few of Mr Woods lovely creations.

Three's a crowd





Parakeet Hat

Bearded Dragon

Mocking Bird


  1. I love hats :) I wish more people wore them. I wear them and everyone stares, haha. But, that's ok. I love vintage hats, they sit better I feel. I would love to have that bearded dragon hat, and I will take what she's wearing too ;) It's marvelous :) But, of course favourites are the Nouveau and Deco hats, they are stunning. Now, I wish to buy a hat :)) Have a great day dollface!! Xoxx

  2. I love hats, too, andthese are bloody amazing! Don'tknow if I could wear taxidermy creatures on my head, mind you, wewear fur and leather...not a massive jump, really. Thanks for the introduction.

  3. This woman is so beautiful Miss Meadows, thanks for sharing this. Loren Wood is an absolute beauty!

  4. Ahh...the are just magnificent! Beautiful work. They kind of remind me of EatonNott creations. I did a post about them a while ago:
    If you like taxidermy creations, you may like what they do. I think it's amazing.

  5. häftigt och inspirerande, även om det kanske inte är helt fungerande i min livsstil ... :-)


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