Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Vintage Ladies

There's a lovely Tumblr site called "Vintage Ladies", with beautiful pictures of more or less clad ladies of the past. Here are my resent favorites!

Marjorie Zears 1920s. Photo: George Cannon

Pisa of Paris 1920s

Vogue US 1951

Sandy Fulton

French postcard 1920s

Vera-Ellen 1952

Ziegfeld Follies 1920s Lee Russell. Photo: Alfred Cheney Johnston

1930s. Photo: Anthony Bruno - Bruno of Hollywood

1935 by Irene Patten


  1. Wonderful collection of pictures—some of them sexy, poetical or humorous, others, like the whip & snake women play eloquently with the cliché of daemonical femininty...!

  2. Wow, wow, wow Miss Meadows, the women in these photos are so damn beautiful, why can't as many girls be as classy even when naked nowadays?


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