Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabergé Friday

And then there was Imperial Easter Egg number thirty six - the "Cradle with Garlands Egg", also known as the "Love Trophy Egg", from 1907!

This gold egg in Louis XVI style is enameled translucent pale blue, and decorated with bands of painted enamel roses and translucent emerald green enamel leaves, panels of oyster enamel, scrolls and acanthus ornaments in varicolored gold, and set with diamonds, rubies, pearls and white onyx. Four columns, modeled as love trophies with Cupid's set of arrows set with diamonds, supports the egg. The columns themselves stand on a carved oval white onyx base, that stand on four bun feet in chased colored gold.

The now missing surprise was made of white enamel, ruby, pearls, rose-cut diamonds, watercolor (probably on ivory), and, most likely, gold. 

In 1989 the "Cradle with Garlands Egg" was kept in a private collection in the US. It was then sold by Sotheby's New York to an anonymous US buyer.


  1. I love how intricate this one is, it's so beautiful Miss Meadows.

  2. Ahhh...I am the anonymous US buyer (i wish) This is gorgeous, love the blue of course!! So pretty this!! I love Fridays ; )))))) Have a super weekend dollface! Xox


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