Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Things I DON'T want right now

As usual, after one of my Things I want right now posts, follows one of these horrible ones, when I share some of the awful things - still from the S/S 2012 ready to wear collections - I found while looking for the good stuff. This time I have something for the men too...


You know those blue plastic covers you have to put over your shoes (at least in Sweden) when you visit a doctor or a dentist, so you won't sully the floor? Well, those were never meant to be the inspiration for designer shoes! NEVER!!!!!!!


And if you don't want to sully yourself, while for example eating, it might be a good idea to wear a huge bib. Like this one by Lacoste.


I can see how this might, perhaps, look good on at least a few people in this world, if they wore the pants or the top. Together it's just too messy...

Maison Martin Margiela

Tip number 1: When you buy a rug, please put it on the floor - not on yourselves.
Tip number 2: The plastic the carpet is wrapped in at delivery is there only to protect it from dirt. When it's delivered, take the plastic off!!!

Maison Martin Margiela

No! No! No! Aaaaaahhhh!!!!!

Mary Katrantzou

And this is what happens if you do too much drugs before getting dressed!

Norma Kamali

Classy. Very classy...

Roksanda Ilincic

And then we have the girl who decided to wear the cover to her mattress...After doing too much drugs...Again...

Topshop Unique

Whoever styled this model should be fired! Poor girl...

Jeremy Scott

I know there are at least a few men who read this blog. So, what do you think? It would probably have been even sexier if he hadn't shaved his chest first...Or maybe he's too young to actually have chest hair?!

Jeremy Scott

But this one has to bee my favorite! If I had a boyfriend this is exactly how I'd want him to dress...Just kidding! If he put something like this on I would rip everything off in about two seconds, and then burn it on the floor in the living room, before performing an exorcism on the boyfriend to get rid of the horrible-fashion demons...Oh dear...


  1. Something very horrible and vile possessed these designers to make them believe this stuff was worth making let alone letting the poor souls work for their money modelling this. No wonder they have looks of doom on their faces, they must think their modelling careers are over. And the top one got smart and hid behind glasses to prevent being spotted.But, maybe the girl in gold thought 'I'll smile through the agony of this dress' either that or it's cutting off her circulation and that is the only face she can make. The carpet girl cleverly used her hair to hide, haha. The men...poor lambs, they don't stand a chance, they've been slaughtered in those clothes, LOL!! Xxx love it!!

  2. Haha <3 it! Great post my dear :) xx

  3. Sooo funny. They're so bad, they're almost good!

  4. Ha ha. I agree, truly awful. The blue shoe covers thing made me laugh- that is exactly what they look like :)

  5. LOL, great post idea..Everybody talks about Want/wish list/current favorites..You gave it a spin! BTW *shudder* at the denim looks on the guys!! LMAO! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    NY Style Examiner

  6. That Lacoste outfit is actually hideous, they all are in fact, some of these outfits are just weird and don't suit the catwalk at all.


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