Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Two Saturday nights ago I put on my Dorothy shoes - which can be seen here - and left Kansas, so to say...My destination was a cellar hidden deep down beneath the streets of Stockholm, and my reason for going there was because Burkläsk was having their yearly burlesque Christmas party! Last year when I went to this event I ended up getting food poisoned from the sushi I had eaten earlier. This year though, I was going there to perform myself - so I skipped the sushi...

Burkläsk's organizers Lady Francescca, Jolie Étoile and Bernie Gogo had decorated the whole place with tinsel, glowing santas and other Christmasy stuff. In the picture above you can even spot the very burlesque Christmas tree, here outshined by Fanny and her hubby Michael!

The dressing room was tiny. But, as I later said - the smaller, the cozier! Can you imagine five-six girls trying to change into burlesque costumes in this little space?! Boobies and glitter everywhere!!!

Burlesque preparations - pasties, tassels, hair flowers, and wine - drunk through a straw so as not to ruin the lipstick of course!

I did my Diamonds are Forever number. The only problem was that the hard sole one of my pointe shoes had broken in half (later I discovered that was the case with the other shoe too), so going up on stage felt a bit insecure. But as I have always wanted to stage-dive I thought "what the f***", skipped up on stage, and ripped my clothes off! Everything went well though, so I guess I'll have to save the stage-diving for another time...Other performers were:

Pepper Potemkin and Contessa Blackbird, who did a lovely interpretation of Disney's Ferdinand the Bull, which is part of the traditional Disney medley that is shown on TV every Christmas Eve here in Sweden. Now I'll never be able to see it the same way though...

These two girls also performed solo acts! Here is Pepper as the gingerbread-girl...

...and Contessa as a 20s flapper!

Lady Francescca and Bernie Gogo!

This also happened to be the first anniversary for Burkläsk, so miss Frauke had brought a candle shaped as the number one. After the last act, all performers gathered on stage, lit the candle - and then blew it out...Then we put our clothes back on (which as you can see I had already done), went out on the dance floor, and DANCED!!! It was a good night...

All photos marked "Bichard" by John Paul Bichard! 


  1. I'm glad to read that you gave the sushi a miss as a "just in case," kind of deal Miss Meadows and that the show itself was a whole lot of fun, it looks absolutely awesome to me from this photos, it would have been cool to have been there although I do say that about all burlesque shows since I've never been to one before haha.

  2. Cute outfit! so pretty! Happy Holidays :)

  3. What a marvellous event and I'm glad your performance went well and you skipped the sushi this time ;) I love burlesque shows...though it's been far too long since I've been. I'll have to go again when I can :)) xx


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