Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blog Award!

For the second time I have been awarded with The Liebster Blog Award! This time by lovely Jannie of the blog Vintage Window. With this award follows eleven questions, and I always enjoy reading these questions and answers on blogs I follow. I think this is a really good way of getting to know the writer behind the blog a bit. So here comes my answers to the questions Jannie sent me!

1. Have you ever had regrets about wearing vintage & said to yourself: "Enough is enough...!?"

NO! I have never regretted wearing vintage! Sometimes going to the ladies room might be a bit trickier, but it's totally worth it!

2. What is the dearest vintage item in your possession?

Difficult question...I have so many pretty dresses I love to wear over and over again. But the vintage item I use the most is the bag in the picture below. It used to belong to my grandma, who now is 95 years old and always want to see what new vintage pieces I have bought every time she visits. The fact that I use her old hand bag she thinks is really funny!

3. What do you put under your shoes when they need new soles?

I actually just have two pairs of vintage shoes. The rest are newly produced, but usually with a 40s, 50s look. When they need to be reshod I just bring them to a good shoe repairer!

4. Are you the only one in your family, who wear or live vintage?

Yep! I'm the only "weird" one in the family! Haha! Every time I get a new dress my mom sighs, and wants to know what I need one more dress for - seriously?!...But when she sees it her standard comment is: "Oh. Maybe that will fit me too"...

5. For how long did you wear or live vintage before starting to blog?

I have always loved dressing up, and loved going through boxes of old clothes on the attic already when I was little. But I didn't become a "real" vintage wearer until just a few years ago. So I think I had been wearing it for maybe about a year or two when I started this blog.

6. Many vintage lovers also seem to be cat lovers - are you fond of cats & if you are why?

I have also noticed this! Someone should make a scientific research about why this so often occurs! I have always loved animals, but when I turned ten I got a cat - who stayed with me, and the rest of my family for eighteen years, before she went to cat-heaven. So now I do prefer cats over dogs. I like the fact that I don't have to get out in the cold rain early every morning to walk the dog - the cat can go to the box by him/herself. I also like the philosophical aspect of cats. They can just sit and stare into infinity forever, not caring about anyone else until they choose to themselves...Or until food is served...

Saga, my present fur-monster...

7. What season is the best & what is the worst for wearing vintage?

Since I love pretty dresses, I would say summer is the best season for showing them off! The colder seasons are great for hats, gloves, fur stoles and things like that. But living in Sweden I love when it gets so warm outside I can take off those heavy pieces of clothing and just skip around in a flowy dress!

8. Do you make your own vintage style clothing & if you do, please show us some examples!

Yes I do! When it comes to sewing I'm pretty much self taught. But I noticed it wasn't so difficult if you just follow the instructions, and use your brain a little...So now I like searching for patterns from the 40s and 50s, and then bring the sewing machine out! Here are a few examples of what I've done:

Late 40s dark green dress with peplum belt.

40s dress with buttons in the front.

The 50s  dress I named "The Shatter Dress", and which you can read
more about here!

9. Have you ever persuaded anybody to start wearing vintage - if you have, what was your best argument?

No, I have never persuaded someone to start wearing vintage. During shopping sprees I might have told someone to get a vintage, or vintage inspired, piece of clothing though - simply because it looks good on the person in question.

10. Does wearing or living vintage also affect the way you speak?

No it doesn't! Sometimes I can use a few old words, or titles, while speaking with my vintage wearing friends. But that is just as a joke. I'm a language-nerd, so I love playing with words, and idioms, but when I hang with my best friends the things that come out of our mouths is quite often quite bad (read: "obscene")...

11. Could you tell us either a joke or a riddle about the vintage lifestyle?

Well, I have to say I really enjoy really sexist vintage ads! If an ad like this was put up today, it would be taken down pretty fast. But that they were serious about these during the decades they were actually used, and also thought that it was completely normal and ok, is something I find pretty hilarious! The one below is one of my favorites!


The Liebster Blog Award comes with a few rules though. If you want to claim it you have to:

1. Link and follow the blogger who awarded you. (I'll make an exception for the ones I pass the award on to though - if you accept it, pleas link to me, but you really don't have to follow me, unless you actually want to!)
2. Blog about the award.
3. Give the award to five other bloggers - preferably bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Answer the 11 questions asked, and create 11 new questions to the five bloggers you award yourself.

So a big thank you to Jannie! And here are the five bloggers I would like to give The Liebster Blog Award to:

1. Vivien of Quaintrelle Life.
2. Ms. Lucero of The Mariposa Chronicles.
3. Madeleine of Le Cabinet de Curiosité de Madeleine Miranda.
4. Jip of Old-Fashioned at Heart.
5. Isis of Isis' Wardrobe.

And the eleven questions I have for the five of you are:

1. If you could invite four persons - living or dead - for dinner, who would those people be, and why?
2. Has anything supernatural ever happened to you? If "yes", what?
3. What's your favorite piece of clothing - the one you would save first if the house was on fire?
4. Who is your favorite eye-candy?
5. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your lives, which one would it be, and why?
6. What's your dream destination?
7. What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
8. If you could only live beneath either the sun or the moon, which one would you choose?
9. What's your favorite era when it comes to fashion?
10. Have you ever done something you will probably regret for the rest of your lives? On this question you don't have to tell me/your readers what this thing is if you don't want to...
11. What is the one thing you really want to do before you die?

So, there you go! If the five of you accept this award, don't forget to hand it over to five blog-choices of your own!


  1. Congrats doll, loved the answers!! Well deserved award ;) I will never have enough vintage pieces and will never stop buying them! Ad I'm the only one that wears it as well, although my daughter would like her own vintage things too, though she will most likely just 'borrow' mine when she gets older ;) There is too much choice in wearing vintage. I do occasionally like some modern things, but that's usually items I can't afford, like a McQueen dress or something, haha! But, there are some very good modern-vintage companies out there as well. I'm not a cat person at all, never have been. Although, my husband's parent's used to have two cats (mother & son) that melted my heart and they've been the only cats I ever loved and picked up. Every other cat I don't like, haha! Love those dresses you made, they are exquisite, the green one and the shattered dress are my favourites!! Congrats again doll, well deserved :)) I hope you have a super day! xox

  2. Brilliant answers, so full of beauty, wit & humour just like the rest of your blog!

    I'm really curious to see what the new Award winners will answer to yur questions :-)

  3. The fact that you made all of those outfits is amazing Miss Meadows, we can add being a wonderful seamstress to your burgeoning collection of great talents. I loved your answers especially since they were all related to vintage things because I get so interested by that kind of thing and you're the most knowledgeable on the subject on here. Congratulations on winning the award too, I think that we're all glad that you're the "weird" one in your family because you're amazing the way you are!

  4. I love The Shattered Dress best of ALL ! :))) Although the green one is a close second. hehe :))

    Congrats on your new award!

    And no, one can NEVER have too many vintage things!


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