Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fadi el Khoury

Swedish fashion and design is usually described as simple and minimalistic. Being a vintage and glamour loving girl, this is, by me, labeled as "boring"...Even when I was little I hated going to IKEA with my parents. Everything just looked so plane and soulless...That's how I mostly feel about Swedish clothing design too. But then came Fadi el Khoury...After studying at the École Superieure de la Mode et des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and working for both Lanvin and Dior, he returned to Sweden to start his own brand Fadi el Khoury Couture. His first collection L'Air du Temps for Spring/Summer 2013 came out this year, and when I saw it I realized real couture had finally reached my home country! This debut collection is inspired by the 1950s, and it looks very international. I can see Hollywood stars in these dresses - which is a first when it comes to Swedish design. I really hope things will go well for Fadi, and I can't wait to see what he does in the future. If I ever meet him I might - accidentally - physically attack him, and force him to make me a dress...

Here are a few of the pieces from the collection L'Air du Temps:


  1. Oh yes, I must have one of each ;) These are gorgeous...love the detailing and how fitted everything is..so beautiful!! I'm not an Ikea fan either. I bought some stuff there when it first came here, but then quickly went off it as I kept seeing the same things in everyone's house. It is very soul-less. These are magical...I'd even wear the last one with trousers..it's that pretty!! Love the bow on the jacket. Marvellous works!! Have a wonderful day doll!! <3

    am here today: La Femme Nouvelle

  2. OH MY GOD, the last suit is beyond gorgeous. I would do anything to get my hands on that! I saved a couple of these for inspiration, just gorgeous. Tahnks for posting these!

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  3. These women look incredible Miss Meadows, I think that you'd rock all of these outfits, I love the robe ones especially, these are all amazing outfits, great post.


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