Friday, December 21, 2012

Fabergé Friday

This Friday's Fabergé egg bears the name the "Youssoupov Egg", and was made in 1907!

This table clock-egg is made in the Louis XVI style, and it is covered in translucent strawberry-pink enamel, and decorated with gold laurel swags. The egg is held up by three pilasters with gold lion paws. The opaque white enameled, revolving dial is set with diamond-set Roman numerals. Around the upper half of the egg coils a gold snake, which arrow-shaped tongue shows the hour. 

Hanging in the laurel swags are three oval medallions. Once these contained miniature portraits of Prince Felix Youssoupov and his sons, Felix and Nicholas. Now though, these have been replaced with the initials of the egg's last owner, Maurice Sandoz - M, Y, and S - in gold.

The egg was given by Prince Felix to his wife, Zenaïde, on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. Since 1995 the "Youssoupouv Egg" has been in the Fondation Edouard et Maurice Sandoz, in Lausanne, Switzerland. 


  1. Gorgeous, love the stand it's nice!! I love the lion paws, they are so precious...that's my favourite part :))) Happy Friday darling...I hope you have a wonderful weekend and you know if the world's been grand knowing you & we'll be the headless dancers (like in the cartoon picture by Dali) for sure...forever dancing with our heads, haha...beautiful!! I'll meet you somewhere in Paris then ;) hahaha!! Have a wonderful time!! <3 xx

  2. This egg is so beautiful and regal looking Miss Meadows so I can't help but love it, it looks so cool in the first photo as it did at the start in black and white, great post as usual.


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