Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Funny Vintage Ads

Since it seems like people - me included - can't get enough of funny vintage ads, here are a few more!

How many people would buy this product today? My guess is no one of you raised your hand...

"Sorry, but I can't come to work today. I have to stay home and wash my hair..."


Ooooo, even the Royalty of Europe wear them!

How romantic! They gave each other cigarets for Christmas! "This Christmas - don't miss the fun of smoking!"

And look how happy he is with his new train and a cigarette! The wife looks very pleased too...

And this is just amazing! Who knew that Pall Malls guard against throat-scratch?! So if your throats feel a bit itchy, start smoking!

These ones seem to be even better for your health though...

Yep, it's true! Back in the good old days you could just take a shower to lose weight!

So if you don't want the "Amazing Mystery Button", you can go for the "Super Mystery Button"! Choices, choices...

"No honey, I'm not drinking beer - again...I'm just having a liquid sandwich"...

"Use Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor - The Great Family Ointment." HA! I knew it! Champagne does take away pain - and other ailments!

"A good smoking leaf"?...Gee, I wonder why the smoker believes his head has grown a bit?...

Not sure if I would by medicine from a doctor named "Coffin"...

And before we go to bed, let's all have a Quaalude or two. The morning after we will feel so good!!!


And that rounds off this episode of "Funny Vintage Ads". Now I'm going to go smoke and drink, and do some drugs. I'm sure I'll feel pleasantly invigorated tomorrow!

All pictures from Retronaut.com


  1. Haha...those fat busting gadgets are hysterical...amazing what they believed would work back then...the wrap for the chin only serves to make you look a fright, haha! These are marvellous...have a wonderful day doll xx

  2. Not to speak of all the flesh you have reduced... :-))

  3. I love these cigarette ones specifically Miss Meadows, but it's always good to look back on the past and have a laugh at the beliefs they had then, I wonder if they'll do the same for us some day. Great post, love when you do this series.

  4. The asthma cigarettes are not as crazy as they sound. Before modern inhalers were invented, various medicated cigars and cigarettes were used as a way administer medication locally to the throat. The patient would inhale the smoke and thus the active substances. The cigars were made out of various plants, not just tobacco, and often laced with more-or-less harmful or heady substances. Datura leaves were a common ingredient, as well as opiates etc. -they were all muscle relaxants.



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