Monday, December 17, 2012

Outfit Post

Etsy is a dangerous place! It steals my money over and over again. This is what I got in return for some money-loss this time...

...A rushed, black organza dress from the 50s! The bodice is boned, and the skirt has a stiff linen/horsehair lining and a metal hoop that makes the skirt stand out a bit. I love how the top layer is draped! Found it on Crush Vintage's Etsy page.

And then we have the shoes!!! I had been looking for the perfect red glitter stilettos for some time, so I was pretty darn satisfied when I walked past a shoe store and saw these sparkle through the window! As you can see they they followed me home...


  1. It's stunning doll, love the shoes too!! Etsy is a great place for finding great things!! You look like a film star :) Hope you have a great week ahead xxx <3

  2. No matter what you paid it was worth it. This dress is fabulous!

  3. You look beautiful. Shoes and dress ... both perfect. Can I ask where you get your seamed stockings - the shop I used to buy from has stopped 'stocking' them as they say they no longer sell! M x

    1. Thank you darlin'! :) I stockings I'm wearing in the pictures are from What Katie Did. If you haven't checked their site out yet I can tell you they have both pretty cheap and more expensive stockings. I usually stock up on the less pricey ones, and get the expensive ones for special occasions! :) xox


  4. Miss Meadows I am absolutely thrilled at how amazing you look here, this dress is just absolutely perfect for you and in my belief you really do rock it, you look absolutely incredible, the sultry black look really suits you although saying that I've never seen you wear a look that doesn't look good so maybe you could wear those outfits that you say you don't want and even rock them, this is my favourite dress though.

  5. Din petita figur passar jättefint med tight liv och fluff-fluff!
    Så ballerina vackert.
    Är du helt, helt, heeelt säker på att du inte snott de röda pupporna av en viss Dorothy från Kansas?

  6. What a gorgeous dress!!! A real princess outfit!
    I was looking for red glitter shoes for my Halloween costume (Dorothy from the wizard of Oz) and they were always so pricey, what a pity!
    You must look for a red glitter purse now!!! It's always easy to find an excuse to buy more vintage stuffs!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments! I might have stolen those shoes from Dorothy, but if she notices and wants them back, I MIGHT return them... ;) xox


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