Friday, January 04, 2013

Fabergé Friday

First Fabergé egg for this year is one for the night-lovers: the "Twilight Egg", or the "Night Egg", from 1917!

This gold egg is covered in a mosaic of dark blue lapis lazuli, to make it look like the night sky - with little paillon (thin metal leaves) stars scattered here and there. In the front are two gold gates, fashioned to resemble wrought iron, held up by two pilasters of lapis Lazuli. When the gates are opened, they reveal a gold plate engraved with a garden view of Peterhof.

The back of the egg is decorated with an Imperial Eagle of lapis lazuli, under which the date "1917" is engraved in gold. According to experts this eagle, the gates and the big jewels may be later additions to the original lapis lazuli ground with the strs and the date - which are by Fabergé. It is also uncertain who this egg was made for, but it is very possible the receiver was one of the Imperial Family. As the top half of the egg can be opened up, a surprise has most probably once been part of the egg. This is now lost though.

In 1976 the "Twilight Egg" was sold by Christie's, Geneva, to a Herr Attinger, who was acting as an agent for a private person. 


  1. My favourite wonderful this egg is!! Shame the surprise was lost, but it is still marvellous :)) Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  2. I love the second photo so much as well as the first Miss Meadows, it's always sad when these gems disappear long term though, a real shame.


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